Friday, October 11, 2013

Airbrushed Fridays: 1978 Topps #657

Bombo Time!

Who is this week's victim, and why do we care? Bombo Rivera had a fairly unremarkable career for a big leaguer, but let's face it- his name is fun to say. Bombo came up with Les Expos, signed as a free agent out of his native Puerto Rico. He apparently earned his nickname "Bombo" as a little leaguer, as his coach would shout "bombo!" at him to indicate "fly ball".

Why is this a thing? After a season with the Expos, Bombo spent all of 1976 in hitter-friendly Denver, where he posted the best numbers of his career. That must have piqued the interest of the Twins, as they purchased his contract for the upcoming season. This card is actually fairly decent as far as airbrushed cards go, but there's obviously something off about the hat. It also looks a bit like a batting helmet, which makes me wonder why no one poses with their batting helmets on these days. It's a good look.

Airbrushed Fridays is a weekly feature as the name seems to imply. If you know of a card with an altered photograph that you'd like to see featured, please contact me. You probably won't win anything other than a used copy of Lou Bega's 1999 debut album "A Little Bit of Mambo", but you never know!

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