Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mini Wishes

A "do or die" Game 6 awaits. Hopefully those graves remain empty.

My birthday is coming up (it's on a certain holiday that people like to dress up for), but the days where I'd dwell on birthday wishes have long passed me. Instead, I'm going to watch the game tomorrow night and hope that there's a Game 7 to interfere with my birthday plans, where I'll wish that Carlos Beltran captures some more of his postseason magic.

I have some other kind of wishes, and they will be set to the images of some minis that I snagged in a group break of the hobby exclusive 2013 Topps Mini-Cards set. Thanks again to Ryan of Another Orioles Blog for putting it together.

I wish that Allen Craig gets some hits that don't require him to run. The ones that score runs and leave the playing field. And I wish that his foot heals normally.

I wish that Daniel Descalso puts together a late game at bat with runners in scoring position that belies his typical offensive performances and represents what he did in a couple of key situations in playoffs past.

Speaking of playoffs past, I wish that David Freese would find his hitting stroke that has largely abandoned him in 2013.

I wish that Lance Lynn isn't needed or called upon in Game 6, but is available out of the bullpen when all hands are on deck in Game 7.

I wish that Adam Wainwright's confidence is backed up by some truly heroic performances. And, you know, he could be available for an inning or two in a Game 7.

Finally, I wish that Matt Holliday continues to crush baseballs, but this time he doesn't find himself alone at doing so.

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