Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crap After a Crap Game

Can a repack box ease the pain of a playoff loss? You know the answer!

They have a single baseball card product for sale at the local neighborhood grocery superstore, which happens to be those 3 packs and a "memorabilia card" blind buys. Just about anything could have been in this box, but most likely it won't be Derek Jeter or Albert Pujols. I almost never buy these sorts of things - I tend to go for the ones that give you packs and only when I can at least tell what a few of the packs will be. The one time I remember taking one of these sorts of things a ride, I did fairly well with my relic card. It was David Wright.

To dispense with the suspense, here was my prize: a Marlon Byrd jersey card from 2004 Topps Finest. I was highly amused that the card came in a very used looking top loader that someone had written the year of the card on. I'm guessing Fairfield did a bulk buy of someone's (or some shop's) collection and didn't bother to swap out the top loaders or remove them altogether.

Marlon Byrd doesn't exactly strike me as the most collector-friendly player, but aside from being choosy about the player, this is a pretty nice looking card. I don't often buy Finest cards and I'm not sure if I own any from 2004. Nevertheless, this is up for grabs if anyone is interesting.

Pack 1 was a 2010 Topps Series 1 retail pack. I think this is my first time seeing this Willie Stargell insert.

I'm sure I have a handful of this Adam Wainwright base card, but it was nice to see a Cardinal card at least.

Pack 2 was a 2012 Topps Heritage retail pack. The problem here is that I have the entire base set and have more doubles from this one than probably all other Heritage sets combined. I do need something like 33 of the SPs, but this Jason Bay is unfortunately not one of those 33. This is up for grabs as well, along with a ton of non-SP base cards.

The less said about Pack 3, the better. This is one of those Pete Rose 2012 Leaf packs that no one is talking about these days. You can see a pack of this stuff opened right here. I am throwing these ones up on Listia unless there are any Rose fans or fans of this set out there.


  1. Whoever it was at Leaf that chose the picture for that Rose wow. That was an awful choice. A good chance that it was an intentional choice though.

  2. I think Topps must have seriously overprinted 2012 Heritage. The prices are ridiculously low on boxes online and repack boxes are almost guaranteed to have a pack in there.

  3. I didn't know Pete Rose could shoot lasers!
    Byrd was cool until he got busted for steroids.

  4. I need that Jason Bay if you're willing to trade it.


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