Friday, November 29, 2013

Good Luck Ducks: Quack Friday 2013

The least anticipated Civil War in years happens on a Black Friday.

Well, the Ducks really outdid themselves last week. Seemingly in the driver's seat for the conference title and a second consecutive Rose Bowl berth, Oregon went down to Arizona and was completely demolished by a mediocre team that had just lost to Washington State the previous week. Multiple players expressed disinterest in their Rose Bowl prospects before the game, and that disinterest showed on the field. And if a team clearly is going to give a damn, then I don't think as a fan I should let myself get upset about it either.

The Ducks play a reeling Beavers team today that suffered from its own beating, a historic one at the hands of the Washington Huskies. UW put up 69 points on Oregon State's own home field, a new low for a school that has had some significant lows. When OSU started the season with a loss to an FCS team, I predicted that this would finally be the end of long time head coach Mike Riley's tenure. Something happened to them after that loss, as they developed into the nation's top passing game, the Sean Mannion-to-Brandin Cooks connection that knew no rival. And then something else happened to them when I wasn't paying attention, because the Beavs have lost 4 straight, each defeat more sour than the previous.

Something is going to break today, and it could easily be either team. I have no idea how to predict this game, but I like to think that Oregon has the talent on their side. They also have the home field on their side. The effort hasn't been there, however, especially on the defensive side of the ball. With expectations lessened considerably, and nothing greater than a berth in the Alamo Bowl at stake, I probably won't enjoy this Civil War as much as ones in the past. I'll still be wearing something Ducks related, rooting them on.

Jeremiah Johnson's devastating touchdown was one of the many highlights of the 2008 Civil War, presented in full-rendered 240p splendor.

Game time is 4:00 PST in Eugene with national coverage on Fox Sports 1. Go Ducks!

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