Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Look What 50 Cents Got Me

I got more than an empty Sammy Sosa wrapper, trust me.

I visited one of the not-so local card shops over the weekend to buy a few supplies and, as usual, hit up the bargain pack boxes. I've done pretty well with this 2003 Upper Deck before and 50 cents is definitely a price I can get with. Technically, I did spend more than 50 cents on this product as I actually bought six packs, but here's the pack I am excited about:

55 - Ben Grieve - Right away, this card really dates the pack.

251 - Reggie Taylor - I really like this shot. This would make a good caption contest because I have no idea what he's doing.

97 - Rickey Henderson - Here's Rickey on one of the last stops on his whirlwind tour of MLB franchises.

233 - Marlon Anderson

C2 - Andruw Jones The Chase for 755 - I was excited to pull an insert out of one of these packs. This is a 1:8 pull according to the odds on the wrapper.

RJ-JE - Jim Edmonds Game Swatches - Here's the big prize. Not only is it a memorabilia card from an 11 year old product (which could easily be Marlon Anderson or something), it's one of my favorite players! I made some sort of weird yelping noise that should probably never be repeated when I pulled this card. The odds on the back are a little fuzzy as I'm not exactly sure which category this falls into, but I'm guessing it's the retail game jersey that's listed as a 1:72 pull. Not bad.

4 - Bobby Hill - That boy ain't right.

129 - Raul Mondesi

24 - Dennis Tankersley - Tankersley was a 38th round pick who had the rare ERA of infinity for the 2003 season. He wasn't able to do much in his cups of coffee, but he did get credited for a win in a game once. How many games have you won?


  1. What are the odds of that? Congrats.

  2. Taylor is looking to toss a ball back to a fan that he signed for.

    Looks like Chris Stynes is on that Bobby Hill card.

    Nice Edmonds pull.

  3. Congratulations on hitting the Edmonds. I hated seeing that guy face the A's and Padres. It seemed like every time the Angels or Cards needed a big hit against them, he'd get it.

  4. Not only did Tankersley get a win, but he's hit a HR. He hit more than than in the softball game I played against him a couple years ago...


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