Monday, March 30, 2015

2x3 Cardinals and a Radness Update

Just a few games remain to be played in the big contest.

With just the Final Four looming, it's a tight race for the top, between P00PSH00TER, brianp1913, and Homer_J_Fong23. With so many people picking Kentucky to win it all, it looks like it would be a lock for brianp1913 if Duke pulls it off. Otherwise, it's going to be a bit dicey. Meanwhile, FRED ROBERT DURSTED has the fewest number of points, but Caitlin J has a good shot of losing the whole thing as she has no more possible points left to gain. It's been quite a year.

The good thing is, we have plenty of baseball left this year. Like, um, all of the baseball! The regular season begins in earnest on Monday with the Cardinals kicking things off the night before on Sunday Night Baseball against the small bears. And what goes better with baseball than baseball cards? Nothing, that's what! Tonight we have a few cards that I received from 2x3 Heroes last month. Marco Gonzales had a nice spring but essentially finished 7th out of 5 pitchers competing for a spot in the rotation, so it appears that he's due to start things off in Memphis. Jaime Garcia's latest setback opened up another spot, but it will be Carlos Martinez who takes it to start with.

I'm not sure that this blue color suits the Cardinals so much, but these looked a lot better than the weak blue Walmart parallels that Topps has finally buried. I can always use more Wainwright cards, especially those of the serial numbered variety!

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  1. i knew my team was gonna be bad.... but not that bad. I guess i shouldn't pick my winner off of a HGTV show (Baylor, Fixer Upper)


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