Friday, March 27, 2015

Airbrushed Fridays: 2014 Topps #506

He was more of an idea than an actual physical presence on the field.

Who is he? Rafael Furcal is a 3-time All-Star shortstop who could hit and field. He was absolutely one of the league's best at his position in his time with Atlanta, the team that signed him out of the Dominican Republic and raised him. Furcal struggled to stay healthy past the age of 30, missing significant chunks of every season outside of his All-Star seasons with the Dodgers and the Cardinals.

How did he get here? Furcal was a trade deadline pickup by the Cardinals in 2011 that helped solidify the SS position of a team on the verge of a surprising World Series win, but he wasn't around down the stretch the following year. Eventually, Furcal would get Tommy John surgery, which is less of a horror show for a young pitcher these days but probably not the ideal situation for a 35 year old shortstop. After rehabbing for all of 2013, the Miami Marlins signed him to hopefully be their new starting second baseman last season. He didn't appear in a game until June and only logged 9 games played in total. He's now in Kansas City on a minor league deal.

Repeat offender? No

Other versions of this card: None, but here's the source image:

Airbrushed Score: 7

Comments: Those Marlins uniforms are always going to look goofy to me, Photoshop or otherwise.

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