Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Failed Buyback? Miscut Weirdo

This is one goofy card. 

One of the weirder cards I've received in the mail is this 1961 Topps Curt Simmons card, in all of its miscut glory. Unfortunately, I neglected to remember who it was that sent me this, but I set it aside thinking that Topps has some serious problems. I'm fairly certain -- at least 95% certain -- that this mishandled card was stamped with the Topps "75th" buyback stamp, and it didn't take for whatever reason. Here are some good examples of what they should look like. The only thing that made me a little uncertain is that the space the indent takes up on the card seems smaller than the stamps I've seen. But it's a pretty uncanny resemblance, nonetheless.

You can even see an indentation suffered on the back of the card. Whatever this was nearly punched its way through the card. I don't have another copy of this card in my collection, and I will probably never replace this one. It's too unique.

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  1. So strange! There are definitely cards with a small version of the buyback stamp--see the Jim York at for example--so I think you're quite right. Interesting find.


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