Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pulling on Threads

Yet another new Panini basketball set. 

I think we're finally close to the end of the 2016-17 NBA calendar, but Panini is still cranking out sets by the bucketful. I bought in another group break from Steel City Collectibles, this time getting the Blazers (of course) in a Panini Threads break.

I didn't fare as well this time as last, when I snagged an auto from one of the Blazers rookie bench dwellers. I did manage to pick up the team set (for the most part) as well as some nice inserts, like this High Octane Glide card.

The Blazers are going for a uniform redesign next season with the switch to Nike, so I'm hoping we've seen the last of these unfortunate red jerseys. I vastly preferred the red jerseys the team wore in the '00s.

This lot was heavy on Dame cards, which is what you'd expect with the team's only player to play in an All-Star game.

Lazy card backs.

This Floor Generals insert mentions Lillard's 40 PT/11 AST game against Cleveland early in the season, but shows him playing against Denver.

More Dame inserts.

McCollum goes by CJ rather than C.J., but I've yet to see this acknowledged on basketball cards (or his Wikipedia page for that matter.)

Nurkic was the man that saved the season for the Blazers, or at least the guy who came along and pulled the Blazers out of a deep funk into mediocrity and an 8th seed. He also got hurt. Hopefully he is fully recovered for next season. When I mentioned that I got most of the team set, it was because of the standard group break rules that sent me this card of Nurkic in a Nuggets uniform with a Blazers logo, but leaves me still needing Mason Plumlee's Blazers uniform/Nuggets logo card.

Included in the break were some Panini Day packs. I'm not sure what Panini Day is -- maybe it's a new holiday that all of the kids are talking about?

I think these are hobby exclusives. I got to knock two of these off my list, at least.

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  1. I just picked up a blaster, rack and single pack at Target last night but didn't get a chance to open them yet. I really like the design of threads this year.


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