Monday, June 5, 2017

Topps Sacrifice

Topps makes another go at the physical-turned digital-turned physical baseball card set. 

One of the most frustrating things about the product you can buy in packs at actual stores called Topps BUNT (besides the odd capitalization) is that I'm all for more low end products. I don't like to spend a ton of money on ostensibly a hobby, and a fairly disposable one at that. It's just hard to muster up much enthusiasm over this.

As a team collector, I end up with this stuff whether I like it or not, and I still feel compelled to seek it out because team collectors don't get to choose what they collect. The cards choose us. The Lost Collector is a fellow (Yankees) team collector has sent me many cards over many years, and happened to be the first one to send me any of this year's BUNT cards. In fact, I hadn't even glimpsed an image of one of them before these landed in my mailbox.

This was almost a card I was going to say something positive about, as I thought it might be my first non-Photoshopped card of Dexter Fowler in a Cardinals uniform, but... nope... just look at those batting gloves.

I was glancing at this season's Memphis Redbirds stats for some crazy reason last night and noticed that Luke Weaver is doing well. The Cardinals need a lot of things, but starting pitching hasn't really been one of them so far. I still would expect Weaver to be up again with the big club in some capacity soon, though. Things just seem to work out that way.

Topps has been playing around with their filters this year (see also: Gypsy Queen), which explains this blue (?) tinted Matt Carpenter parallel. I'm hoping Carpenter pulls out of this deep funk that he's in.

This is supposed to represent a physical digital program for a game that doesn't really exist, I guess? Strange. Waino has pulled it together quite well of late after a season-plus of getting knocked all over the park and back.

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Matthew Scott said...

I like Bunt better than Opening Day. At least the base cards have some originality compared to OD.