Thursday, August 17, 2017

But Wait, There's More!

Bonus cards from a retail giant. 

As I mentioned the other day, I wasn't super proud of my recent online baseball card purchase, but it was a super deal. Along with two Allen & Ginter blasters and two retail jumbo packs came two 5-card promo/insert(?) sets specifically made for this massive retailer. None of the players from my team were involved, but hey... free cards!

These cards are actually a little bit more substantial and glossy than your garden variety flagship insert. They also look like they'd make good poster fodder in some child's bedroom.

I'm not sure how these were originally intended for release, but a little bit of sleuthing reveals that the Allen & Ginter special isn't the only way to acquire these. I've also seen on eBay that they are sometimes referred to as Topps Electricity. Kershaw is the only pitcher featured.

Here's Miggy.

This is the guy who broke up Yadi Molina's stranglehold on the All-Star game NL catcher starting spot. He's also indirectly responsible for the incredibly stupid but not quite misguided (or is that the other way around?) rules about blocking home plate. Perhaps you've heard of him.

Here's a look at the back of one of the cards. There's a few words, but not much more.


The Lost Collector said...

I hadn't seen these. They are pretty cool looking.

Fuji said...

Not sure if any of these guys are active signers... but these would look really cool signed.

night owl said...

I know nothing about these store exclusives. I'm both confused and intrigued and also blinded by the brilliance of that Kershaw card.

madding said...

night owl: Well, I have two and I need zero, so you're getting one.