Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Missed National Baseball Card Day

I had other, not necessarily better things to do. 

I sat National Baseball Card Day out this year, as I've done every single year since its inception. This was probably the first time I was actually aware of the date ahead of time, and I even went so far as to look into finding out if there were any participating shops in the Portland metro area. This was mostly because there aren't really any card shops, period, in Portland anymore. I did discover a new place I might check out someday near Washington Square, but I didn't have time for that kind of trip on this particular day.

I picked up the lone Cardinal card off of eBay for 99 cents plus PWE shipping. Aledmys Diaz kind of got the short shrift from the Cardinals this season, the one struggling player over the past couple of seasons who has been exiled to AAA and never recalled. Having a red hot rookie and superior option in Paul DeJong at short certainly helped these matters along.

There's also an autographed version of the Diaz card, which would be nice to get someday but is definitely not a priority at the moment. What I'd really love to get my hands on is the stadium giveaway Cardinals set of this same design. I believe each team did something like this, with 10 cards in the checklist including one former star. I really want that set, but I don't really want to pay $25 for some crazy reason.

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