Sunday, August 6, 2017

Chrome is Back to Save Us All

Shiny and new. 

The Topps baseball release schedule is really crazy, with new products hitting the shelves seemingly every week this summer. My local store appears to have skipped right over Stadium Club and Allen & Ginter (more on that later this week), and headed right to Chrome Town. That's fine with me, because my favorite thing about last year's Chrome is back this year, the value packs with the bonus pink refractors. I feel like I get just enough "value" out of these without feeling like an idiot for shelling out $3 for 4 measly cards.

This was a good pack for a Rockies fan, as I picked up pink versions of last year's batting champ...

... and a guy I'd never heard of until this season but have on one of my fantasy teams. Cool, I guess?

Let's just out the rest of the non-base cards I received.

It seems like top prospects get traded a lot these days. I wonder if that hurts the collectibility of their earliest cards. This is one of those fancy "Prism" refractors.

The love affair with 1987 Topps continues. Springer is one of my favorite current players with no ties to the Cardinals organization. I have a couple of his cards squirreled away for whatever reason.

And here's a regular old refractor of the so-called Toddfather. This was also a great pack for the White Sox fan out there, except that Frazier has already been traded and Giolito has been mostly terrible the past two seasons. But, you know, there's always next year!


  1. I always enjoy the colored refractors, especially pink. Looking forward to picking some up myself!

  2. White Sox and Rockies ... man, that looks SO like a pack I'd buy.


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