Monday, August 7, 2017

Tony Gwynn Has a Beer

And it is good. 

There are some things in life I enjoy more than baseball cards, and one of them is definitely beer. Craft beer, specifically. I was delighted to merge a couple of my big interests recently when I spotted this imperial (i.e. souped up) version of a Tony Gwynn beer brought you by San Diego's Alesmith Brewing Company. San Diego is home to a number of excellent breweries (and seems to be ground zero for the war between Craft Beer and Craft Beer Sellouts), so I felt comfortable in my purchase.

Is it any good? Yes, it was pretty good! I am enjoying the remnants of this bottle right now. It starts off both bready and hoppy, with the unmistakable flavor of a West Coast IPA. (To me, the distinction between Imperial Pale Ale and Imperial IPA can be pretty difficult to draw once it comes down to the drinking part.) It's a beer worthy of the Hall of Famer himself, and I would certainly recommend it if you happen across it in a store or on tap somewhere.

Should I do more beer reviews? Find me some more baseball-themed beers!


  1. The bottle is really cool looking. Nice find!

  2. 9.0% ABV? Wow... Love me some craft beer, but two of those and I'm done for the evening!

  3. I read about that beer the other day. Glad it was good and not just a gimmick. Alesmith beers usually are quality though. Speedway Stout and all the variants have been faves for a long time. You know me...I'm a sucker for a good beer post. More reviews!

  4. Nice. Been meaning to check this out for a while. Where up here did you find it?

  5. I don't drink beer... but I'm hoping to make it down to San Diego next week. If I do, I'll be trying to hunt down one of these bottles for my collection.

  6. Found it at Beermongers on SE 12th & Division!


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