Monday, September 24, 2018

A World of Sports

A multi-sports bounty from @batcavelv includes my first head coach autograph. 

I've been trying to engage a little more with Twitter when it comes to cards lately, even though I still haven't completely figured out how to use it most effectively. People I follow post cards for sale on occasion, and one that really caught my eye was a Dana Altman autograph from the 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports set. Altman was and still is the Ducks head basketball coach, someone who has consistently found ways to maximize the talents of his roster no matter who is on the team. Tracy (of Tracy's Box Breaks, and a good Twitter follow) had the card for sale for a reasonable price.

I'm not much of an autograph person (I find the whole thing slightly weird, which is a topic for another time), but I still get roped in from time to time. It's a sticker auto (boooo!), but how many college coach autographs do you really see, especially from someone who isn't (yet?) in the Hall of Fame or anything.

I've participated in a number of Tracy's breaks this year, but this time he sent over a bunch of cards from my various collections. I had never seen anything from this playing card style set from 1990 before. It's brand new to me.

I have an uncut box from the 1984 Topps Stickers set, where these box cards are found, but I am not great with scissors and haven't hacked it to bits yet. Along with Hendrick here, I also have Lonnie Smith... as soon as I decide to take the plunge.

This is one of those cards from one of those hobby shop promotions that I never get a chance to participate in. There are no real card shops in Portland. A visit to a hobby shop means a trip to the suburbs, and basically wasting my entire day. I'm up for it, occasionally, but it's rare.

I'm getting vibes from the past two Cardinals World Series winning teams (hooray, 2011!) with this year's club. But things are also very different from those past teams, as they tend to be. This will be an interesting rest of the week.

Waino will save us!

No problem, guys!

Finally, here's what is now the oldest Yadi card in my collection. He's in his 15th major league season now, and is still running things.

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Fuji said...

Very cool Cepeda oddball. Never seen it before. Wonder what other guys are in that set.