Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Another Variety Pack

Buckstorecards is still all about variety. 

Just a couple of weeks after receiving stuff from Sportscards From The Dollar Store (see last week's post), another package showed up in my mailbox. This one was, once again, full of goodies from several major sports. My favorite thing about receiving cards from Canada is that there's often O-Pee-Chee goodness inside of them. This time, there were a bunch of OPC cards from the '70s, which is great news for me and my collection.

How do we know these cards are O-Pee-Chee from looking at the scans?

Check the backs! The 1971 O-Pee-Chee set had some of the coolest card backs around. Look at those crazy floating heads just bursting out of the middle of the card! (Sorry, boring 1975 backs.)

I've been in the Honus Bonus Business lately (HBB?), and this card of the former Cardinals shortstop added to my collection. I'm starting to actually make some headway in this weird, weird set.

I always get hockey cards in these packages, which makes me feel like a bad hockey fan... because I am a bad hockey fan. Maybe this season will finally be the year that I watch some games before the playoffs start. (Didn't I say this last year?)

As always, some excellent Ducks cards were found here. I just scanned a couple of them while saving some whoppers for game days. This low numbered DeForest Buckner card from his rookie season looks great, even though the Ducks don't usually do red.

And here's Marcus Mariota on a numbered card from the brand new Score set. I'm hoping for a big bounceback season from Marcus, who recently worked with his alma mater to assist in hurricane relief efforts in Hawaii. Knowing what he's capable of, it will not surprise me to see him on the leaderboards this NFL season.


  1. The '71 OPC backs absolutely destroy the flagship backs from that year. They are definitely hovering in the top of the list of my favorite backs of all time.


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