Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Super Baseball Card Land

Baseball cards and video games from @CommunityGum rule the night. 

There was a time when this whole blogging thing would threaten to eat up my precious video game time, and vice versa. Over the past half-dozen years or so, however, I've found very little time to make these button mashing escapes. Thanks to my first modern console purchase in the last 15+ years years (PS4 Black Friday deal), I've slowly started to carve out some dedicated video gaming time.

I've always been more of a "retro" guy when it comes to the pixelated games, however. 8 and 16 bits are the sweet spot for me. Back before I even made the PS4 purchase (which tells you how long I've been sitting on this post), I was lucky enough to make a claim to copies of Game Boy classics Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2, thanks to generous trader and longtime friend of the blog Community Gum.

I am nerdy enough to actually own a "Super Game Boy", which was an attachment shaped like a regular Super Nintendo cartridge that had a slot where you could insert the Game Boy games. This also supposedly brings out some of the enhancements of the Game Boy Color on these old games, where the colors are a bit nicer than the original dull green-on-grey that was a staple of the original machine. Basically, I'm playing the 1989 handheld classic on a 1080p smart TV, technically without any software emulation. (I'm not a very technical person despite working in a tech job, so you could easily convince me that there's an emulator inside the Super Game Boy cartridge and you'd probably be right. Whatever, guy.)

I always to remap the classic 'B' and 'A' button positions used for Super Mario Bros. to an SNES controller in my brain. I end up falling in a lot of pits trying and failing to run fast.

And there were cards, of course! Lots of great cards! Perpetual top prospect Alex Reyes suffered yet another setback recently, this time of his own doing when he punched a wall after a frustrating outing for Triple-A Memphis. Fortunately, it was his non-throwing hand (it broke). Unfortunately, it will probably be awhile before we see him in a Cardinals uniform again. If he can get it back on track, this rainbow foil limited-to-25-copies card may yet be one of the better cards in my collection.

Lou Brock, playing for the St. Louis Somebodies! This is a pretty slick insert from 2017 Donruss Optic (powered by Panini) once you get around the lack of logos.

There are some of those logos that I trust. This is both a mini and a short print (SP), which makes it an MSP. (Please don't let that be a thing.)

Buyback cards are very silly, but I have a few that have been sprinkled around my collection. They're an interesting curiosity that I don't totally mind. I don't think I would ever seek them out in quantity, though.

Panini went for an interesting grey look for this limited-to-199 parallel of the former Cardinals outfielder. He wears Blue Jays blue these days.

Jon also sent a big stack of those Honus Bonus weirdo cards. That set even came with its own limited parallel set, which is indicated by the foil stamp in the upper left corner. I do love weirdo cards, I hate to admit.

More Topps for the Rediscoverin'.

And finally, a healthy stack of this package was also dedicated to the 2017 Allen & Ginter set, one of the many recent Topps sets that I'm still working on. I think I need help.

Thanks again to Community Gum!


The Lost Collector said...

Wow, I don't remember Super Game Boy!

night owl said...

My video-gaming days pretty much stopped at the original Game Boy and I played it long past relevancy (according to other people, of course, it was still relevant to me).

Bulldog said...

I've opened a pack of Honus cards. They do fall under the weird umbrella. Haven't quite got on board with buybacks and rediscover cards. Especially their prices on COMC where dime cards go for so much more.

Community Gum said...

That card/gaming balance is really tough for me, too.

Game Boy was and always will be my jam. I even started a quest to collect and beat every original Game Boy game released in the US. I own almost half of the 510 and stream it on twitch several nights a week (username Floating Platforms - shameless plug). There is no such thing as past relevancy of the Game Boy for me!

I can also one-up your nerdom by saying I bought the Super Game Boy 2 from Japan and modded my SNES with pliers. The only real difference is that SGB runs a tiny bit fast compared to a handheld Game Boy and the SGB2 is speed accurate and has a couple other cosmetic features that don't matter. Neither are emulation, but rather pass through technology, like attaching a game genie.

Glad to help you relieve the nostalgia. My PS4 is being used by the wife right now a lot more than me, but I love it too.

The really interesting (?) thing about Honus Bonus is how they color code the cards by position. I don't think I've ever seen a set do that before, and I felt proud of myself for noticing the pattern.

Collecting Cutch said...

My last system I owned was Sega Dreamcast. I much rather have the 8 bit style video games over any modern drek that comes out today. Call me old and weird, I'm ok with it.

As for the cards, I like the Reyes throwback uniform Stadium Club a lot. He seems to be one of those prospects we have been hearing about for half a decade, but can never stay on the field.

AdamE said...

You think it is "nerdy" to own a Game Boy? What does it make me since I picked up a 2600 last summer. Funny thing is my kids who play Xbox and Playstation, that each have like 20 buttons, can't handle the one button and suck at every single game. They can punish me at Madden or WWE but I can Frogger the heck out of them. They also don't understand just playing something for a score. Kids these days...