Friday, January 3, 2020

A Breakdown Holiday and a Contest Winner

From @breakdowncards come more greetings of the season, plus a Belking winner announcement. 

The last of the holiday posts comes from cards received from Santa Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown. Along with this very limited ornament that would look fantastic on any Christmas tree, Gavin sent over some wonderful additions to my Cardinals team collection.

This seasonally appropriate card will end up in Erin's binder. Erin was a little more enthusiastic about the card stuff when I started up the blog thing, but she still wants all of your Yadis (and Altuves).

Here's a snazzy (yes, I just used that word) pair of refractors from the 2018 Topps Chrome set. I think I'm in the camp that hopes that Ozuna will end up back with the Birds, warts and all. I just don't see anyone else out there in the market or coming up from the minor league ranks who could immediately replace the offensive production Ozuna is capable of.

You can probably tell by the clarity of this scan (from my budget priced scanner purchased at a Circuit City going-out-of-business sale) that this is also a refractor. Descalso was mostly a utility/bench guy for the Cards, but he has turned out to have a pretty lengthy and productive career overall.

I should start calling these ska cards. They have that checkerboard pattern, although they're not quite black and white.

I didn't get a chance to purchase any Topps Finest this year (do I ever?), so I am always happy to find Cardinal needs from this set.

Shortly after receiving the holiday envelope, Gavin and I also met up for another in-person card exchange, which netted me a few primo serial numbered cards. Junior Fernandez is someone I'm pretty excited about, with this blue "paper" Bowman card coming off of my theoretical needs list.

I think I own entirely too many Michael Swinson cards for a guy who topped out at A ball and left the game six years ago. That being said, I didn't own this blue refractor of his... but now I do!

The last card from Gavin was this fancy Leather & Lumber thing from the adventurous set that Panini put out this year. You only get 10 cards, but I kind of want to break another blaster of this stuff. This die cut Miles Mikolas card is numbered to just 25 copies. Fantastic.

Now, if you've made it this far, you're probably here for a contest update. We didn't have all that many entries for the Belk Bowl mini-contest, and probably not coincidentally, no one was all that close. Only a few folks picked Kentucky (correctly) to win, and The Bucs Stop Here was the closest with a score differential of 29. Congrats!


  1. I remembered your annual Belk Bowl contest when I heard that score announced on the radio the other day and realized "whooops - missed that one for 2019 season".

  2. As much as I try to avoid Panini baseball cards, I purchased a collection back in September that had a bunch of those diecut Leather & Lumber cards and was pretty impressed with them.


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