Thursday, January 2, 2020

Christmas Cards from Cardboard Collections

More seasons greetings from @flywheels in cardboard form. 

Another fine holiday themed envelope arrived in my mailbox just in time for Christmas with some cards from Colbey of Cardboard Collections. Included were a couple of cards from the almost-too-over-the-top Walmart-exclusive Topps Holiday set. We don't have a conventional Walmart (or at least one that sells cards) where I live, so these through the mail dealings are the only way I can pick up stuff like this.

This one isn't an exclusive, but it sure looks nice. If I was smart and wanted to free up a ton of space, I would get rid of all of my Allen & Ginter cards save for the black minis, because they always look great.

Back to the Holiday set here with Marcell Ozuna, the man without a team. This is one of the extra-sparkly parallels that even has glitter on it. I don't know what the official name is for these. Holiday cheer?

Colbey also sent some brand new Hoops needs for my Blazers team collection. Portland's basketball team is in dire shape at the moment. The less said about them right now, the better, but the cards are always appreciated. It's been hard to find basketball cards at all lately with Zionmania still a thing.

I saved the big one for the end here as Colbey delivered my second Paul DeJong chase card of the week. The All-Star Game was, of course, in Cleveland this (well, last) year - so we get this Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame guitar themed jersey card. Not bad!

Happy 2020, everyone.

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  1. Of course I unearthed another stack of cards I was building for you at one time as my major task of cleaning my office continues. Look for more goodies to arrive in this new year once I wrap up my cleaning.


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