Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Twitter Trade

@LundoCalrossian sends a bunch of primo Cardinals goodies. 

My few card dealings with people I primarily know through Twitter have been a bit of a mixed bag, but I've had a couple of really nice trades. This batch I got back in the fall from Ross (@LundoCalrossian) was definitely in this category. I ended up adding a bunch of newer Cardinals to my collection, including the red Lou Brock Optic insert parallel that's numbered to just 99. Let's take a look at a few more.

I finally broke down and opened some Topps Fire this year after sort of ignoring it since it came to life on the dangerous shelves of your local Target (and for some reason, my local Fred Meyer) stores. I hadn't really gone back to look at the previous year's releases much, so it was cool to snag a gold parallel of the mercurial Cardinals hurler Carlos Martinez. It looks like he's going to be swallowed up here.

Look ma, no nameplate!

I dabbled in the Bowman Mega Box thing back in 2018, so it was a little bit surprising that I didn't already own this Bader insert card from that configuration. I'm not sure that I saw a single Mega Box this year, which is probably fine because it theoretically means I have more money. I'll always have that Bader orange autograph that I pulled, though. That was fun!

Panini Prizm looks great, but like all Panini products, it suffers from the sort of Nutrasweet effect (or whatever the artificial sweetner is these days... Stevia?) I get what it's doing but I wish it was something else... like sugar.

Still, I want all of the Prizm Cardinals cards, even all of the crazy rainbow parallels. I will be hunting these down for all of eternity, I am sure.

We're back to that 2017 Topps Fire set here with a blue (flame?) Edgar Renteria parallel. For some reason, Renteria actually looks like he's starting to emerge from the flames (?) rather than be engulfed by them.

Ross also sent over a couple of sticker/cards from the latest Topps Sticker album set. I wonder if they are sticking with this concept for 2020.

I couldn't actually find this one in the TCDB database, but I'm quite confident that I don't have it. I think there's already a 2015 Springfield Cardinals set in the database, but this must either be from a different stadium giveaway version or some sort of update set. I really wish there was better documentation on modern minor league sets.

Here's another Alex Reyes card. This one a very cool autographed version from the 2017 Gypsy Queen set. Reyes seems to be on his last, LAST chance with the organization at this point, but I suppose it's possible he could surprise a lot of people and follow through on the talent he'd shown when he wasn't dealing with injuries (both self-inflicted and otherwise) and suspension.

Finally, this is a rarely seen short print of Big Mac from the 2019 Gypsy Queen set. This was new to me and finally finished off my team set, excluding variations and inserts, of course.

Thanks again to Ross!

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