Monday, March 30, 2020

A PWE from Bru

All this from @marcbrubaker for just a stamp! 

It's Monday night, so this will be a little brief. It's a perfect time to check out a few cards from everyone's favorite 'Stros fan Marc Brubaker.

I have a lot of Edmonds cards, so it's not always common anymore that someone hits me with one I didn't have. This is one of those! It's a parallel from the 2005 Bowman Heritage set. I like these a lot better than the foil cards they put in the next two sets.

I don't know that I've ever seen packs of UD Superstars before. It seems like it might have been some sort of boxed set type of thing?

I just pulled the Chrome version of this card yesterday, but I also needed two copies of this one. I am still working on the Series One Turkey Red set if anyone has any dupes.

There's always plenty of junk wax era needs on my list. This card of pinch-hitter extraordinaire Gerald Perry was one of them.

Thanks again to Bru. I'm liking this PWE thing!


Bru said...

Hey, glad I could help! I told myself at the big card show that I wasn't going digging in boxes of mostly junk cards, but then I kept hitting pulls or traders from someone's dime box. The UD Superstars is weird, it's an 02-03 set and is multi-sport. Very rarely run across those, so I think I just grabbed all the baseball cards from it that I found in hopes that our trading pals needed them.

madding said...

Honestly, that's mostly what happens to me at card shows. I tell myself not to go looking in some box, and then I pull out about 100 cards (and maybe 5 that I actually need for myself.) But it's fun!