Wednesday, April 1, 2020

From P-Town to P-Town

Another Cards/Cubs exchange. 

I've never fully embraced the moniker of "P-Town" give to my home city by some as it always feels like it's uttered by someone who hasn't lived in Portland long enough to remember life before Salt & Straw or remember that the Blazers didn't always play in a place called the Moda Center. From a town that must have a much more legit claim to the name P-Town comes P-town Tom and a bunch of Cardinals cards he sent my way recently. Tom mentioned that he had recently acquired a collection, and being that he's a Cubs fan, I'm sure he had no use for this stuff. Let's dig into a few of these while we wait for the day that someone starts talking about the day that we can start talking about when baseball might be able to happen again.

Right off the bat, here's a glorious cut-off-the-cereal box card of Ken Boyer. While some of us might dream of a time machine, an expensive pair of scissors and a steady hand, I think a lot of the charm of old cards is lost when the edges are straightened and sharpened.

Albert Pujols is just dropping in to say hello.

Oh man, I was worried about this Ted Simmons card, and decided to leave it in a penny sleeve. I don't want anything more traumatic to happen to poor Ted.

I'm starting to slowly work closer to completion of this 1992 Pacific McDonalds set that commemorated the centennial anniversary of the Cardinals franchise. I'm assuming this was at least a semi-regional release.

I tend to totally ignore the draft picks/college baseball type sets that trickle out each year, so it's always great when someone sends me stuff like this trio of young Wizards.

Back to vintage here, which has been a welcome theme on the blog of late. There must be a ton of Cardinals in the 1959 set, because I feel like I acquire some every month and still have so many to go.

The true standout of this lot, however, was this wonderful 1956 Topps Cardinals team card. It's in great shape and is great to look at. I should really have a bell to ring or some sort of ceremony to perform every time I acquire another card from the '50s.


P-town Tom said...

When I found that Simmons in the box my immediate thought was to throw it out. I'm not sure what convinced me to hold onto it. But, wow, it sure has seen better days!
Glad the cards arrived safely!

The Lost Collector said...

Nice triage work on the Simmons. Nice batch of cards from one of the best dudes out there.

Jeff Mazdra said...

If I recall, you could send in to Post to get a complete set of those cards found on the cereal box.

Last I checked, I had two complete sets of the McDonalds 1992 anniversary Cardinals set. I had some duplicates as well. I wish I would have saved the packaging. It was cool.

Fuji said...

Looks like that Hostess Simmons was someone's wallet card the past four decades. It's still awesome thought!