Monday, October 26, 2020

A Chilly Monday Night PWE Roundup

A trio of small envelopes from @Lost_Collector and more. 
Someone flipped the switch from summer to winter here in Portland rather abruptly, as it's been pretty chilly all of a sudden. Still, there are cards to post about back when we were deep into the swing of hot weather. First up is a plain white envelope from AJ of The Lost Collector. I have come across zero of Topps cards at any of the nearby Walgreens locations this year, which is only one less than the number of boxes I found at the drug store chain in 2019. Fortunately, AJ was here to help me out with a yellow Waino Walgreens parallel.

Also in the parallel department is this older Hoops card of Robin Lopez. It still shows him in his New Orleans Hornets (remember those?) uniform, freshly adorned with the now retired Blazers logo. I wasn't much of a fan of that particular logo.

gcrl has been very active in the card blogging world with his current project, cards as i see them. (I respect the lack of caps.) This is yet another parallel card that I needed, with this being the blue variation because it has a blue background. That's how they get ya.

If it's from '84, it must be that I've had this on my want list for decades. 1984 Donruss cards can still prove to be elusive.

PWE #3 comes from a neighbor to the north of Portland in The Diamond King. This one envelope definitely gave a boost to my Rasheed Wallace collection, as you'll see in a bit.

Most of the contents were of the basketball variety. Here's a nice Ozzie Smith insert to break up the run of hoopsters. I believe I own two copies of the memorabilia cards that this design was used for, but not the plain old non-memorabilia insert card. Until now!

That's Clyde the Glide. Real close-up like.

We back away from Drexler's face a bit here on this classy looking card from 1995-96 SkyBox E-XL.

A big Sheed slam brings the post home! This is a gold refractor, numbered to just 99. I like it!

A big thanks once again to everyone who has kept my mailbox busy through this messed up year.


The Lost Collector said...

That 'Sheed Metal is awesome!

Jon said...

1995-96 SkyBox E-XL was a really unique set when it came out, although the parallels sure sucked. That gold refractor is pretty spiffy too, seems like something that Kevin would have lying around.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

good description of the weather here. My card room is the coldest room in the house so I am often wearing sweat shirts and slippers in there. It makes sorting kinda hard.

Elliptical Man said...

Yeah, that's a nice Sheed. Van Slyke as a Card is nice too.

The Diamond King said...

Good stuff all around! I haven't seen that Van Slyke in years, but always liked it.