Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Wax, Cracked


A quick look at last week's #CrackinWaxMailDay from @CrackinWax with some trade bait. 
I just have a quick post today as I've been busy digging through a huge stack of junk wax era stuff in yet another effort to get better organized and get rid of stuff. I entered a few more breaks at Crackin' Wax a couple of weeks back, but it was pretty light on Cardinals stuff. I did manage to finally finish off a four year old base team set, so that's fun.

My random team in the 2016 Topps Chrome break was the Rockies, and I ended up with a nice pair of Trevor Story cards. Perhaps someone else might enjoy these?

Having struck out a few times on finding Cardinals in this year's Panini Select set, I went back to the well and took the Cubs spot this time. (What?!) I've built up a little bit of Cubs trading debt and wanted to add to their stack of trade bait. And, well, the Cardinals were only available as a random team in this break. (I didn't get assigned the Cardinals.) This is actually a Prizm parallel of Nico Hoerner's so-called rookie card, so it could be something desirable someday if he pans out.

The big hit was this Adbert Alzolay, which is numbered to 99. I know absolutely nothing about him, aside from that his name is a mouthful even though there really aren't that many letters or syllables in it, at least compared to some people. I just struggle with it. These two cards at least should probably make a Cubs fan happy... lest I get my legs broken, or something like that.


Elliptical Man said...

That Young Impact card is fun.

Jay said...

Alzolay is good - though you'd probably prefer an Arozarena right about now.

acrackedbat said...

Select is sharp this year. I picked up a few Altuve and Posey parallels. You shouldn't have any trouble finding homes for these cards.