Monday, January 11, 2021

Crackin' Wax for the Holidays

A #CrackinWaxMailDay (times two) from @CrackinWax closes out December. 
In anticipation of the new 2020 Topps Holiday release, Crackin' Wax loaded up a week's worth of Topps Holiday breaks. Unfortunately, the new stuff has proven most difficult to find (thanks 2020, thanks flippers). Still, I bought into a couple of breaks for some of the older product.

I ended up knocking off another two needs for my team collection, including the Luke Weaver base card and this snowy Michael Wacha white jersey card. This is also known as a "picnic napkin" in the breaker lexicon. 

I also bought into one more break the following week, which would be my last for December. There was an underpriced slot available for Bowman Draft thanks to regressive pricing, where the first slot is sold for a much higher than average price and the remaining slots decrease in price until the break is sold out. It's an interesting idea that causes F5 keys to wear out and servers to explode, but it's all in the name of baseball cards, I suppose. I ended up with one more key need in this refractor version of Matthew Liberatore's Chrome card.

I never ended up with an autograph from this year's Bowman Draft, but I'm pretty well stocked in this set and probably don't need to buy anymore.

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  1. This person should start giving you discounts for all of the free publicity that they're getting :)


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