Sunday, January 24, 2021

Football Contest Update

With only one game remaining, let's see how everyone is doing. 
The Super Bowl is now set, and we're left with the very boring matchup of Tom Brady (again) against the defending champions. Six of you out there picked (gave a score of 40+) Kansas City to win the Super Bowl, and are sitting in decent shape right now. Six more of you picked Green Bay, which... oh, so close! I'm no Packers fan, but I was hoping to see them win today so I wouldn't have to suffer through another Tom Brady Super Bowl. Four of you picked teams that didn't make it to this weekend at all, which means no one had Tampa Bay. If the Bucs win the whole thing, this contest will descend into total chaos.

Since you're probably here for cards, I'll mention that a couple of weeks ago I found some Panini Prizm football in the wild. They had a full gravity feed of loose packs along with a bunch of jumbo packs. I was disappointed that they had zero baseball (or basketball, hahaha!) in stock, but still left with some football cards because I had a gift card to burn. I snagged two of the jumbos and a single loose pack. Unfortunately, I didn't end up with any Oregon Ducks cards or Eagles cards, so these are all useless to me. Here's a few of the cards in no particular order.

Here's the only one I might consider selling or trading away for something of similar value. I don't follow the NFL closely, but I had thought of Claypool as one of those "hot rookies" before I realized that I likely only watched him torching the Eagles and everyone kind of did that this season. Apparently people only care about quarterbacks, though, which is a shame.

I know McCaffrey from his Pac-12 days and from his father playing for the Broncos when I paid more attention to the league.

Here's another guy who torched the Eagles, but he's done that to a number of teams I believe.

I have an accidental and completely unwanted Chargers mini-collection right now by way of choosing them in a few breaks so I could get my hands on some Justin Herbert cards. This one comes with a lot of unfortunate scratches that seem to plague these shiny products from time to time.

Another Charger here. This doesn't really look like a Prizm insert to me.

I figured I'd scan a Tampa Bay card because its their big day and all. If it was a Tom Brady card, I would have thrown it in the neighbor's yard (or probably just set it aside for Dennis.)

Since I have no rooting interest in any of these players, I'm going to go with this as my favorite of the bunch.

Saquon is saying "why am I like this?!"

Here's a Chiefs card to represent the other team in this year's Super Bowl. Sources tell me the wide receiver is injured and did not play today (source: the internet.)

I didn't know they ever used college jerseys on Prizm rookie cards. Is this normal? Perhaps McKinney didn't play in any early or preseason games.


  1. Lucky you were able to find this out in the stores. I fear no basketball will be around for us this year.

  2. Congratulations on finding Prizm. Even before Covid... I had trouble finding blasters in my area. That's why my friend would always take me to her Target when I visited Portland.

  3. McCaffrey's dad (and Ronde's brother) were Giants. I think Saquon is asking why his card says "50 hard or 50 home". (That's what I thought it said at first.)
    As a Giant fan I have no hate for Brady. Had the Giants managed to edge out Washington for the playoffs they would have faced Brady and probably beat him again.


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