Thursday, January 7, 2021

"First Trade Post of 2021"

A variety pack of @padrographs cards. 
It's back to the grind with catching up on some of the great stuff that's been sent my way recently. For this first non-contest related post of the year, we go all the way back to the beginning of the fall for some cards from Padrographs. (Go ahead and check out that contest if you're so inclined as I didn't feel great about promoting it yesterday for some crazy reason.)

Rod gets autographs from seemingly all corners of the baseball universe, so it's no surprise that he had a signed card of Mark Salas in his one and only appearance as a Cardinal on a baseball card.

It's always great to see a card with the old Civic Stadium in the background. Pittman is likely standing somewhere near where the corner of the pitch lies in the stadium's current configuration as Providence Park, home of the Portland Timbers. I really do miss those chilly summer nights of watching AAA baseball in Portland.

Here's Pete Ward, looking fly. This was during the team's Pirates affiliation. I have no idea where this photo was shot, but it doesn't look like Portland.

I definitely have at least one other copy of this card, which was probably already featured on the blog. Still, it's a nice reminder of when basketball cards could actually be found (and were affordable.)

Here's a couple of Heritage Then and Now cards from 2019 featuring the late Brock and Gibson. These cards sometimes make for some odd pairings, but I can see where Topps was going with these. Still, in today's game, it would probably two or three good Whit Merrifield seasons to equate what Brock was able to do on the basepaths. (Merrifield stole 20 and was caught 10 times in his last real season.)

Finally, here's a few Turkeys. I've made a lot of good progress on the 2020 version of this set (especially thanks to the latest contributor Jeremy) but still have quite a ways to go on Series 2, which makes sense because people have been hoarding those blasters. At this point, I guess I either need to root for Luis Robert to fail or start hitting those online shops for singles. The latter sounds like a better idea.


  1. Very nice seeing a Mark Salas card. He played in our local Little League (the 'Cubs', same division as my little brother's team) and also attended my high school.

  2. Cool shot of the Beavers stadium! I went to a game there once and thought the stadium was very charming.

  3. I love the backgrounds on the minor league cards.

  4. I miss the Beavers so much. I think the Ward pic is from Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium- it’s still got the beefy light standards, and the original park re-used seats from Seals Stadium in SF, so that would fit with the relatively old-timey seating behind him.

  5. I've been quietly trying to get that Pete Ward Beavers card for a couple of years now, but keep missing out on the cheap copies. It's a really great card! And I too remember some of those chilly evenings at the ballpark, I can't help but wonder if we ever happened to be at one of the same games way back when?

  6. Hi Kerry. I've got the mussina turkey red from 2020 update. I'll get it to you soon.


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