Friday, September 5, 2008

Kickoff Time

The NFL season is now underway with last night's underwhelming NFC East clash between the Giants and Washington. I've decided that I'm going to spend this season figuring out if I really even like NFL football anymore, or if I should completely stop paying attention. The league has really struggled to hold my interest, going back to the 2004 season where the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl with one of the most obnoxious players of all-time, Terrell Owens, making up the bulk of their offense. I don't think my waning interest in the NFL had anything to do with sour grapes from the Eagles eventual Super Bowl loss. I think it had more to do with just finding that there were fewer and fewer things to like about the league in general. I used to watch as much NFL football as was available to my on TV. It didn't matter who was playing. And I used to love watching Randall Cunningham, from his days when he was an equal threat with his legs as he was with his arm to his amazing comeback as an MVP-caliber drop-back passer with the Vikings in the late 90s. Pictured above is his rookie card, probably the football card in my possession that I would care about if I lost it.

As you can see, Randall already had a couple of seasons under his belt before he had a card of his own. This is one of the few fact blurbs about him that doesn't mention his college days punting the football for UNLV.

As for me, I'll try to make an effort to watch games whenever I have the chance and see if I can find some reasons to be intrigued again. But one thing I won't be doing is buying any more football cards. Unless, of course, they still make Pro Set cards for like $5 a hobby box...


deal said...

I agree - I dropped out of NFL football about 3 or 4 years ago. And don't miss it one bit. I am more of a baseball guy and there is so much NFL overkill.

I am a Vikings fan and an Eagles fan so I also agree with your sentiments about Cunningham. I was pretty disappointed when the Vikings lost that championship gm to the Falcons - Cunningham could be annoying but I got to see a lot of him win a lot of games with two different teams. I definitely think he deserves to be better recognized.

I will also say that I do like watching college football. something more interesting about the games to me.

madding said...

I'm the same. My interest in college football hasn't waned at all.

I still remember the exact day that the Vikings lost to the Falcons. It was an early morning game (on the west coast) and it was raining like crazy here.

Erin said...

That's because college sports prove more exciting than pro sports ... in most cases. The NBA? Gross. NFL? Lame.

desert plume said...

Football season means baseball season is almost over. *sigh*