Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unfocused Rage (or Mutant Basketball Pack)

I really hate to do this, but I'm mad at baseball. Really mad. Not just kinda mad. The Cards blew two late-inning leads to the Cubs at Wrigley and had their chance at redemption and a series split washed out by lousy Chicago weather last night. I have a strange fascination with Sunday Night Baseball, even when I have access to almost (FOX games don't count - that's another reason to rage in and of itself) any game I want to thanks to the MLB Extra Innings package. So it doubly exciting when it's a Cards rivalry game on Sunday night. And tonight came word that the Cards traded a talented outfielder who barely was given a chance to Atlanta in exchange for a suspect reliever whose arm is probably not even completely attached to his body. Oh, and that talented outfielder happens to be Brian Barton, a right-handed batter in an organization swimming in LEFT-handed hitting outfielders. I have to say that as much as I like Rick Ankiel, he really needs to figure out how to hit again before he steals at-bats from right-handed hitters. The Cardinals played all of the Rule V draft games for all of last season with Barton only to give up on him a couple of weeks into the following season when he was completely under the team's control. This from an organization willing to give up Anthony Reyes for a stack of game programs.

I can't look at baseball right now, so here's a basketball pack instead. I'm angry about basketball, too, but I'll get to that later.

34 - Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Big Z - not Carlos Zambrano - is a pretty decent player as centers go. Injuries plagued him for much of his early career, but I was surprised to see that he has played in at least 73 games in the past 6 seasons leading up to this season. The Cavs should win the title this year, even though they're led by one of the biggest showboats around.)
56 - Kelenna Azubuike (This is one of a growing list of NBA players whose name Blazers TV analyst Mike Rice doesn't ever bother pronouncing.)

11 - Rajon Rondo (Not really a fan of the green and gold unis here. I thought the Celtics were all about "tradition". Boston won't win with or without Kevin Garnett this year.)
73 - Al Thornton (I always get him mixed up with Al Horford, though I'm pretty sure Horford was the Florida guy who beat the Ducks and went onto winning the NCAA title awhile back.)

65 - Yao Ming (This card is not long for this world.)
80 - Derek Fisher (No Laker images here.)

47 - Antonio McDyess (I always forget that this guy is still in the league. He is from Quitman, Mississippi. Quit, man! Hilarious.)
90 - Mike Miller

CHI-1 - Dennis Rodman Dynasty (Some sort of insert card, I guess.)
LAL-23 - Norm Nixon Dynasty (Two in a row?)

CHI-24 - Ron Harper Dynasty (Wait, what?)

BOS-27 - Wayne Embry Dynasty (This is really weird.)
LAL-14 - Magic Johnson Dynasty (Nice collation, Upper Deck. I'm guessing this isn't normal. I opened one of these packs before and nothing like this happened.)
112 - Sebastian Telfair (Telfair may not ever have another movie made about him, but he seems to be improving his game a bit.)
121 - Eddy Curry
180 - Andrea Bargnani
106 - Al Jefferson (Great player on a bad team. Also - injured.)

SQ-29 - Dwyane Wade Starquest Ultra Rare (Not just "rare" but "ultra rare". I wonder if I could get a buck for this.)

There weren't even any Blazers in this. What gives?

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