Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Value Chromeys

I have to admit that I'm still in a bit of a catch-up mode at the moment. I still have a big Cardinals package to write about and quite a few packages to send out. Hopefully all of this will be done before the week is out. I could blame the Blazers playoff series for distracting me from the task at all, but... well, okay, that's what I'll do. To keep this space relatively fresh, here are some bargain bin 2007 Topps Chrome packs I picked up awhile back from Target. These seemed to disappear very quickly from the stores as now all I ever see that's marked down in price are the really thin packs of 2007 Upper Deck. If they reduced the price of those cards again by, say, another 50% I might actually be interested in those.

Pack 1:

290 - Jamie Burke (RC) (Burke was the Mariners version (i.e. non-media) of the Chris Coste story, appearing on a rookie card in 2007 as a 35-year old backup catcher who finally made it big. Or was he? Despite there only being Burke's "rookie stats" on the back, he actually had major league service dating back to 2001. There's another case of the "Rookie Card" logo confusing everyone.)
249 - Lance Berkman - (Berkman is off to a slow start, but he always seems to heat up when summer hits. I'm hoping that this is the year that Houston isn't a difficult team to face in the second half.)

187 - Mike Mussina Refractor (Here's the promised 1-per-pack parallel. I've always managed to either get a regular refractor or the eye/brain-boggling "XFractor", though there are other rarer versions of cards to get that I probably won't see since I normally don't buy this kind of stuff. These scan a lot better than the regular chrome cards, but you don't get to see the rainbow effect.)
197 - Kerry Wood
- Checklist 2 of 2

Pack 2:
182 - Pat Burrell (Burrell is one of a number of big name free agents this year that have started out slowly.)
164 - Khalil Greene (Another card for the Khalil Greene Watch. Greene has been MIA lately.)

298 - Andrew Miller XFractor (Here's one of the aforementioned XFractors. Looking at these cards gives me a feeling that I'm not entirely sure how to put into words.)

120 - Joe Mauer (I inadvertantly drafted Joe Mauer on one of my fantasy teams this year, so I'm hoping he'll be in good shape when he comes off the DL soon.)

Pack 3:

330 - Daisuke Matsuzaka (RC) (Matsuzaka is starting to look like he might be the best of the pitchers to come out of Japan in recent years, but there's no way his value as a player could ever hope to match what Boston had to pay out to get him. I suppose none of that matters, though.)
322 - Kei Igawa (RC) (Igawa hasn't been so good. Incidentally, both of these cards have Japanese signature versions, but I didn't get those.)
156 - Chris Capuano Refractor

114 - Jorge Posada

As usual, these are all up for grabs (i.e. trades unless you're someone I set aside cards for on a routine basis) especially since I didn't get any Cardinals.

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