Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Goudey

I'm in a pretty lousy mood following a serious beatdown of the Cardinals by the Reds. Laynce Nix hit 2 HRs, which helped my fantasy team in a league where anyone with a pulse and a National League uniform is probably owned. Otherwise, the game can be properly summed up by the fact that Jason LaRue warmed up in the 9th inning and nearly relieved an ineffective Trever Miller. Wretch City. So, instead of a Cardinals-centric post, you get to see some packs I bought. Here's two packs of Goudey (courtesy of Target), which is really a hit-and-miss set for me. And more often than not, it's missing.

Pack 1:
99 - Manny Ramirez (I still can't get over how so many people were surprised when this guy got suspended. It's not because of his stats or anything that makes me feel that way. It's just that, well, he's not exactly a bright, mature guy nor a max effort player. He's pretty much the opposite of those things. As a fan of baseball, he disgusts me, frankly.)
64 - Cliff Lee (Lee won his 3rd game of the season last night. Good for him.)

16 - Jeremy Guthrie (This begins to show off what I dislike about this set. There's virtually no definition in any of these paintings/drawings/whatever they are. And Guthrie apparently has a limitless lower back that extends beyond the borders of his dimension.)

168 - Trevor Hoffman Mini (Just... terrible. There's something really wrong with his face. Also, if you're going to have a drawn/painted card and are savvy enough to include him with his current team, why don't you draw him into that team's uniform? That seems easier and more acceptable than Photoshopping, really.)

35-15 - Jonathan Papelbon / Joakim Soria / Mariano Rivera / Trevor Hoffman 4-in-1 (There's that horrible Hoffman picture again. Did they just use cropped versions of the base cards for these 4-in-1 cards? That's disappointing. And Rivera's picture looks pretty bad, too. I guess this is the AL Closer themed card.)
122 - Delmon Young

110 - Yovani Gallardo (Or simply "Yo" to his fans.)
187 - Carlos Pena

Pack 2:
22 - Jason Bay (Another weird looking card, but I didn't scan it because I prefer to remember Bay as a Portland Beaver and National Leaguer.)

58 - Edinson Volquez (Ugh, Reds. They've taken a 2-1 series lead with the finale coming tomorrow night.)

36 - Wilkin Castillo (RC) (I'm not sure what a Wilkin is, but he's obviously some sort of Communist.)

257 - Jerry West Sport Royalty (In keeping with the Cards on Cards No Lakers Policy, I was not able to show the front of this card. However, I did scan the back as a reminder that the NBA Finals start tonight. Though, if Jerry West had been a Laker from my lifetime, I don't think I would have even bothered scanning the back.)

187 - Carlos Pena Mini (Here's Pena again. One annoying thing with Blogger - it seems that even when I resize mini cards to be smaller than their base set counterparts, Blogger decides to blow them up to make them appear larger than everything else. Irritating.)

169 - Conor Gillaspie (RC) (You can't tell where his chin and jawline end and his neck begins.)
148 - Jack Cust
184 - Evan Longoria

I think I might not buy any more packs from this set and just try and trade for the Cardinals.


AdamE said...

I decided I wasn't going to buy anymore Goudey and just buy the rest of the team set I need off of Sportslot for .18 each. for a couple bucks I will have the whole team for cheaper than a couple packs.

night owl said...

I'm not buying anymore off this either. I'll have to give Sportlots a ring for the Dodgers.

kevincrumbs said...

I was wondering why you were buying this stuff if you seem to dislike it so much. I've always thought that the Goudey set was really ugly. Glad to see you think that way too.

In direct contrast, that Goodwin Champions set looks really awesome.