Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Junkie Cards

If you're sitting around reading this blog, there is virtually zero chance that you have not spent hours of you life reading Cardboard Junkie. I was fortunate enough to receive a stack of Cardinals and Blazers from The Man from Squidbilly Country recently. I'll post the Blazers at another time (I don't think I owned any of the cards previously.) The Cards won last night, so I'll just talk about them for now.

For some reason I get Butch Metzger mixed up with Butch Wynegar. Neither one is really notable, but it makes more sense that I'd know a bit more about Wynegar since I was actually a Yankees fan before I was a Cards fan.

I have some sort of turn back the clock style card of the '68 Gibson, a magazine cut-out version of it and now this - from the 1975 Topps set. This is great. Maybe one day I'll get the real deal, but I am financially far away from going after vintage star cards. On the back of the card, Denny McLain's last name is misspelled McClain.

Julian Javier looks like he was asked to pose for a "baseball photo" despite the fact that he was more interested in pretty girls than playing silly games.

It's fairly difficult to find a Cardinals card from the early-'90s that I don't own, but it looks like dayf broke through the psychic barrier here. I actually made it a point to buy lots of packs from this set because of its low cost and decent amount of rookies. I think it would be pretty hilarious if Bowman (Topps) decided to issue buyback cards that seem to be all the rage these days and included stuff from this set.

This is just your garden variety high end Carp card. While all you high-end box buster types go after the crazy auto/dual/patch/relic/shiny/blood sample cards, I'll take all the junky base cards off your hands (if they're Cardinals, of course.)

I have no idea what this set is and I don't really care. But, it's a Jim Edmonds card that I don't own, and that's great news.

Willie McGee is a master of... interesting... faces. His bat really confuses me here as it almost looks aluminum.

Dayf sent along a good group of oddball '80s legends set cards. This is probably my favorite of the bunch. I usually think of Stan the Man as one of the most serious faces of baseball, but he's pretty enthusiastic here.

For some reason I either didn't know or had completely forgotten about the fact that the 2007 Goudey set had seemingly equally common versions of every card with red text backs and green text backs. Now I need to go through what I have all over again and figure this out. Ahhh! I probably got rid of cards I didn't mean to!

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