Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2002 Upper Deck Series 2, Part 3

Alright, let's get right into it. Here's the inevitable conclusion.

Pack 17:
656 - Delino DeShields (Another in the long line of former Cardinals and Cubs.)
630 - Lance Berkman (A hated current Astro. I'm not sad that he was not an All-Star this year.)
685 - Vic Darensbourg
659 - Jason Bere
729 - Albert Pujols Year of the Record 130 RBI (Not bad for a rookie.)
684 - Preston Wilson

715 - Adam Dunn
536 - Adrian Burnside Star Rookie

Pack 18:
587 - Jay Gibbons

561 - Brandon Lyon (It seems like everyone has played for the Blue Jays at some point early in their career.)
567 - Jason Tyner
573 - Brady Anderson (Master of the anomalous monster HR season.)
635 - Morgan Ensberg

653 - Jason Isringhausen
712 - Armando Rios
539 - Colin Young Star Rookie (I suppose it's a little late to mention this at this point, but I've only heard of about 25% of these "Star Rookies" that I am getting at the end of each pack.)

Pack 19:
586 - Geronimo Gil
560 - Josh Phelps
641 - Albie Lopez

615 - Eddie Guardado (There needs to be more retro uni cards.)
562 - Luke Prokopec
676 - Brad Wilkerson

736 - Luis Gonzalez Season Highlights Checklist (I should make a caption contest out of this card.)
502 - Rodrigo Rosario Star Rookie (Okay, I'll bite. He started two games for the Astros in 2003 and then apparently fell of the face of the earth.)

Pack 20:
673 - Lee Stevens
647 - Glendon Rusch
706 - Vicente Padilla (Padilla's kind of settled in as a mainstay in the Rangers rotation.)
658 - Chris Stynes

720 - Larry Walker
558 - Mike Sirotka (Seriously, how many Jays cards are in this set?)
611 - Mike Rivera
511 - Brandon Backe Star Rookie (Backe is too easy of a target.)

Pack 21:
693 - Shawn Estes

667 - Eric Karros
641 - Albie Lopez (Argh, doubles!)
615 - Eddie Guardado
589 - Ivan Rodriguez (Hall of Famer who fell in with the wrong crowd this season.)

JC - Jeff Cirillo Game Jersey 263/350 (Oh man... if only this was, er, someone else. Cool pinstripe on the jersey piece, though.)

Ahh, it's from a Rockies uniform. Makes more sense now.

510 - Francis Beltran Star Rookie

Pack 22:
707 - Kip Wells
681 - J.T. Snow
722 - Todd Zeile

696 - Ray Lankford (I love Ray Lankford in any uniform.)
692 - Edgardo Alfonzo

734 - Rickey Henderson Year of the Record 2248 Runs Scored (I like seeing Rickey in a Padres uniform, because it reminds me of the fact that he spent the first few weeks of the season as a Portland Beaver, although he never played in Portland because the stadium was still being worked on.)
625 - Rondell White
512 - Doug Devore Star Rookie

Pack 23:
724 - Jason Jennings
589 - Ivan Rodriguez (Again.)

563 - Felipe Lopez (Seriously, has everyone played for the Jays at one point?! Lopez is now a Brewer, which bothers me because I think he'll help them a lot, and I'm sure he won't mind hitting the ball around against the Cards after they didn't make any attempt to sign him in the offseason.)
554 - Scott Hatteberg
616 - Matt LeCroy
689 - Scott Strickland

SS7 - Sammy Sosa Superstar Summit (I don't even know what to make of this card. I'm just glad that there are no Cardinals in the little bubbles on the side so I don't have to make the uncomfortable decision of deciding if this card is worthy of placing in my Cardinals collection.)
523 - Deivis Santos Star Rookie

Pack 24:

621 - Paul Konerko
595 - Jason Varitek (This is from before the Red Sox popularity explosion.)
680 - Kirk Rueter
654 - Moises Alou (Huge hitter.)
588 - Carl Everett (Huge headcase. Doesn't believe in a lot of, um, things.)
657 - Todd Hundley

737 - Derek Jeter Season Highlights Checklist
520 - Ron Calloway Star Rookie

And there we have it. I'm not sure what the odds are supposed to be on the Cirillo jersey, since the box and pack wrappers just mention their existence but not the odds. If anyone is interested in any of these cards, please let me know. I have a few wantlists on the sidebar, but I'm certainly not difficult to please.

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