Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ginter Madness

Everyone is posting about their precious shiny new Allen & Ginter stuff right now. Everyone! So I may have lured you here under false pretenses, but it will probably be another week or two before I'll be able to buy any of the new stuff. Here's a 2007 pack I bought at a card show awhile back instead.

221 - Tony Gwynn Jr. (The former Brewer is now the Padres center fielder. I'm guessing we'll see him in Portland at some point.)
258 - A.J. Pierzynski

263 - Jim Edmonds (Nice! Apparently this is an SP. I guess they didn't follow the SP card numbering scheme of the 2008 set back then.)

334 - Gustavo Molina Mini (Ahh... poor guy. I'm sure he is constantly reminded that he is not related to the Catching Molina Brothers, yet he is clearly a Molina who catches for a living. He hasn't quite reached the level attained by those brothers.)
- Checklist Two of Two

265 - Roy Halladay (Would you give up your entire farm system for this guy? It'd have to be pretty tempting.)

195 - Mike Piazza (Future Hall of Famer here.)

If you don't end up egging my house... blog... whatever for misleading you, then maybe I'll post another (not 2009) A&G pack here soon while I bide my time before I can afford more cards.


Slette said...

I've got you down for all the Cardinals minis/jerseys/doubles I pull from A&G. After these boxes I should be able to get something in the mail to you next week-ish. Also, if you want to get rid of the Piazza, I'm certainly game.

Anonymous said...

Okay, purely for the sake of Cubs/Cardinals rivalry, I am obligated to say something negative, even though I like these breaks kinda that you don't see that much of, so here goes... *drumroll*

Leave it to a Cardinals fan to do something underhanded to get attention.

Tradition upheld! :P

The pack was kind of depressing though, because the only pack of '07 I've ever opened and the three or so pack breaks I've seen online before this one all had a relic in them. My little fantasy world where every pack of 2007 has a hit in it has been shattered!


Remind me to send you some of my Cards cards (& other stuff someday). There's probably a few you can use.

madding said...

Eric: That sounds awesome. I'll put the Piazza in your stack for you.

lonestarr: I'll let that one slide, considering that there's the big series coming up. This pack was actually one of two that I bought (the only two left in the box the guy had) and the other one had a Barry Zito relic in it. I posted it awhile back on A Pack To Be Named Later, so maybe you already saw it. Those are the only two packs I've ever bought of the stuff, though I would love to get more. And I'm sure I have tons of unwanted Cubs that are taking up space around here...

Erin said...

lonestarr -- only a cubs fan would even bother insulting a cardinals fan. I guess it's because we haven't forgotten what it feels like to ... WIN!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, I win.

(I have tons of unwanted cubs stuff... in fact, anything cubs I have I don't want.)