Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clunkers Grande

Chris from Nachos Grande is a legendary trader. I honestly don't know how he keeps up with all of the wheelings and dealings that go on over there. He's also very quick to get a post up about your cards whenever you send something his way. I think my average time is something like a week (and up to a month) after I receive cards before I can get around to posting about it. I'm also not what you'd call extremely prolific at this.

Chris has a Cards for Clunkers thing going on, wherein you browse his unwanted "hits" and offer to send him stuff that he really needs in return. It's a good idea, really. It's definitely something that someone more organized that I would probably get a lot of benefit from. I acquired 2009 Topps gold cards of Khalil Greene and Chone Figgins. I've pretty much said all I can say about Khalil Greene this year, but he's a Cardinal so that still matters to me. Figgy is a personal favorite of Erin's, and I like him as well. His card goes in Erin's collection that I've sort of decided that she needs to have.

There were also some fun bonus Cardinals cards thrown in for good measure. I'll never get tired of Rick Ankiel the Pitcher cards. He's actually turned out to be something of a disappointment as a hitter this season, but I'm hoping he can bounce back next season (even if it's not in a Cardinals uniform) as I do think his horrific man vs. wall incident early this season took a big toll on him. He has some obvious deficiencies at the plate that are probably never going to go away, but he's a skilled athlete and has a quality outfield glove.

Royce is just blowin' bubbles, reminding me of playing Triple Play '97 on my computer in my last year living in Eugene after deciding not to re-enroll for another futile year of college.

This has to be the most boring Vince Coleman baseball card of all-time. Seriously, here's Vince in his prime, coming off of back to back 100+ steal seasons. And Topps comes up with the "hey, I just sneaked up behind you so I could take your picture - pretend you're interested, Vince, please???" picture. For all of the good things that you can say about 1987 Topps, I'm not sure photography was one of its better aspects.

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