Sunday, January 10, 2010

Contest Results!

The college football bowl season has come and gone and that leaves us with two winners... and one not-so-winner.

Adam of Thoughts and Sox finished first, correctly picking 22 out of 34 games for a total of 398 points. He takes the grand prize and all of the accolades that come along with that.

Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! took the second place prize by predicting that I would pick more games correctly than Erin. His prediction was 18 to 17 in my favor, while the actual score was 15 to 14. Erin will be quick to point out that she beat me on points, finishing three spots ahead of me in the standings, which is the only thing that counts according to Yahoo.

Finally, there was one person who sunk below the rest of the pack and will wind up the "lucky" recipient of the last place prize: Sean of Condition: Poor. He managed to pick just 12 of the 34 games correctly.

Here's a glimpse at some of the stuff these winners (and "winner") will be receiving in the mail. I don't have all of the prizes sorted out yet, but I plan on getting this stuff sent out along with several trade packages by this time next week.


  1. Congrats to the winners/"winner". Nice contest sir!

  2. Thanks for the contest. It made watching the meaningless non-playoff college postseason enjoyable to watch.

  3. OF COURSE I want to point out that I ACTUALLY BEAT YOU.

    I want to put it in bold letters and stuff.

    I didn't spend all that time (and I did spend much time) fiddling with confidence points for nothing!!

    You should have told me to stop doing that since it was arbitrary. I think I would have had different picks in some cases if I disregarded confidence points.


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