Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's More High Series

I want to talk about 2010 Topps. I really do. I actually picked up three regular packs of the stuff at Target yesterday along with a jumbo pack. I have some thoughts about it. But I have some serious work to get done here at Cards on Cards Central, including my need to finally finish my 2009 Heritage High Series want list so that some of you can trade me your extras. I picked up another blaster of the stuff yesterday as well and will get this all sorted out as soon as I'm done posting it here. This will be a quick 'n dirty post, whatever that means.

Pack 1:
525 - Braden Looper (It's amazing to me how many of these players already have new teams - or in Looper's case, no team.)
640 - Melky Cabrera (Now with the Braves.)
685 - Sean West
UH166 - Mike Redmond
UH113 - Francisco Rodriguez All-Stars

CC-CH - Cole Hamels Clubhouse Collection Relics (Not bad. I was just complaining recently about how I never get jersey cards from Heritage. There's a stripe with this one, too, although it's hanging out along the edge of the window.)
557 - David Huff

Pack 2:
617 - Julio Borbon
638 - Matt Maloney
656 - Orlando Cabrera (Now with the Reds.)

UH186 - Zack Greinke All-Stars
UH77 - Jeremy Reed

CHR195 - Pat Burrell Chrome 0291 / 1960 (I tried to look up what Burrell's 2010 destination is and realized he's still with the Rays. Oops.)
670 - Ross Detwiler
569 - Alex Rios (Again, for some reason I thought Rios was traded again. Maybe it was because he had such a terrible time with Chicago last year.)

Pack 3:
680 - Scott Hairston (Hairston is pictured with Oakland but is back where he started last season: San Diego.)
676 - Ryan Perry

652 - Tyler Greene (It'll be interesting to see if Greene can make a push for a utility/backup infielder role with the Cards this season.)
UH175 - Jody Gerut
UH318 - Carl Crawford All-Stars (The All-Star Game MVP)

FB-10 - Ichiro Suzuki Flashback (My requisite Ichiro card.)
504 - Takashi Saito (Now with the Braves.)
567 - Eric Hinske (Ditto for Hinske.)

Pack 4:
613 - Josh Bard (Now with the Mariners.)
596 - Jason Marquis (Now with the Nationals. Does this mean that the Nats make the playoffs this season?)
561 - Derek Lowe
UH185 - Kevin Correia
UH97 - Juan Castro

696 - Fernando Martinez (My first short print of the box.)
608 - Jon Garland (Now with the Padres.)
649 - Ty Wigginton

Pack 5:
532 - C.J. Wilson (C.J. Wilson is Straight Edge. Oh, the things you learn from Wikipedia.)
514 - Anthony Swarzak
510 - Alfredo Figaro
UH298 - Jason Bartlett All-Stars
UH76 - Scott Rolen

CHR124 - Randy Wells Chrome 0253 / 1960 (Blehhh.)
681 - Scott Olsen
599 - Jeff Francoeur

Pack 6:
543 - Cliff Floyd (Out looking for a job, presumably.)
570 - Fernando Nieve
610 - Jordan Schafer
UH206 - Chris Burke
UH14 - Yadier Molina All-Stars (I think I have about 5 of this card now, but I'm still lacking other Cardinals from Updates & Highlights.)
RP-10 - Jordan Zimmermann Rookie Performers (I could have sworn that I scanned this card. Oops.)
639 - Scott Kazmir
620 - Kenshin Kawakami

Pack 7:
537 - Chris Gimenez
556 - David Hernandez (I don't know who any of these Rookie Stars are.)

590 - Jarrett Hoffpauir (Now with the Blue Jays. That's too bad, I always liked him...)
UH158 - Wilson Valdez
UH304 - Nick Swisher / Johnny Damon New York Rockers (I can't post this card. This is a family-friendly blog. Look it up if you want to, but don't say that I didn't warn you.)

720 - Russell Branyan (Branyan is looking for a new team as well. This one is a short print. I wonder if there are any cards out there with Branyan in a Cardinals uniform.)
545 - Neftali Feliz
674 - Ryan Church (Now with the Pirates.)

Pack 8:
633 - Tony Gwynn (They really should have stuck with the Jr. on these cards once Gwynn became a Padre. It looks weird.)
653 - Nyjer Morgan
UH70 - Wilkin Ramirez
UH119 - Bud Norris

702 - Jason Bay (This is good - another short print. I feel better that Bay is no longer with Boston, although I don't like the Mets at all, either.)
592 - Cliff Lee (Now with the Mariners.)
534 - Cesar Izturis

Alright, it's time to get to sorting. I'll update my 2009 Topps Heritage want list shortly.

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camclow said...

I checked out your want list and I found some cards for you:
08 Goudey HPC-24 (manning), 317, 313, 285
08 Gineter, 313
08 heritage 360 and 337
email to make a deal