Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Auto-Free Cardinals from On Card Autos

Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that not only am I behind in posting packages (this one was postmarked March 7th) but I am also late in sending out packages. Here's a few cards from a generous stack of Cardinals sent my way by an unabashed Cubs fan who runs the blog On Card Autos. My end of the bargain will be out the door soon, I promise.

This is just a perfect card capturing two amazing moments in a perfect Game 7 of a perfect NLCS. (My view of perfection may differ a bit from the perspective of a Mets or Carlos Beltran fan.)

I'd never seen these inserts before, but I had Beckett to thank to know that they existed. I'm not sure that Cooperstown will be calling for Scott Rolen because of all of the injuries that sapped him of his power he had from earlier last decade, but if they paid more attention to the man's glovework, he'd be in for sure.

Ah, another baseball year on the horizon with a healthy Chris Carpenter around. I can't wait. I received a ton of cards from this set which has something like 1200+ cards in it. And here you thought that Topps Total was comprehensive. (Yes, I know that some players get multiple cards.)

Remember these things? I think the Wal-Mart black variations and the Target throwbacks are going to be highly sought after from the moment that Topps decided to only put them out in groups of 2 packs out of a $20 blaster. Why do I think this? Because no one ever sends me any that didn't come out of 2009 Topps Series 1. I was really hoping that some 2009 Topps blasters would hit shelves with discounted prices, but it hasn't happened yet. Curse that set's popularity!

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