Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Curse You, Scott Rolen!

Don't get me wrong: I love Scott Rolen. The only reason I haven't bothered to add him to my list of players that I collect (outside of a Cardinal uniform, anyway) is that I feel like my collecting has suffered from a severe lack of focus lately. It's a bit frustrating and bittersweet to watch Rolen be so productive for the Reds this season in the tight division race, however.

On that note, I did stake my claim to a bunch of Rolen cards that were being offered up by Stats on the Back. I've actually yet to fulfill my end of the bargain, but I am taking matters to rectify the situation soon. In the meantime, it seems like there are plenty of lots of for grabs (or trades is more accurate), so you should go on ahead and check it out.

I miss Score. I could probably expound on this in a post of its own, but if I could change anything about baseball cards in 2010 it would probably be to add Panini as a second licensee. Why Panini? I would love to see a 99 cent baseball card product out there, and I would love that to be Score. Let's face it, Topps Total isn't coming back and even if it did, Topps would charge more for it and find about 37 ways to fill it full of gimmicks.

That's right. Scotty is with me. It's time to take a stand.

A few random Cardinals cards were included in the package, much to my delight. I find it fairly amusing that Topps decided to take a nice concept that has worked well for them over the years in Stadium Club and add the Chrome action to it, as if slapping two things together like that would work out swimmingly. Actually, maybe this set was awesome. I have no idea. All I know is that it's not around these days and hasn't been for awhile.

Someone should tell Eck to get off the highway when he's playing with the baseball.

Sportflics! Food promotions! Gibby! All great things, thrown together on one card! I had no idea that this set exists, but now I want to see more.

Finally, I failed to mention the other thing that I claimed in the big Trade Away, and that was a Freddy Sanchez 2010 Heritage short print. There's a reason I failed to mention it, actually, and it has something to do with excitement... or lack thereof. However, it puts me one obnoxious card closer to the goal of completing the entire set, so it's the best Freddy Sanchez card in my collection as far as I'm concerned.

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