Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trading with Tom from NY

Reader Tom contacted me awhile back about a trade for some Paul O'Neill cards and other assorted Yankees. In exchange, I managed to pick up a couple of serial-numbered Cardinals and a bunch of 2009 Turkey Reds among other things. The list is starting to become manageable now. Imagine that!

This is a really nice looking blue refractor from 2009 Topps Finest. Have I mentioned that blue is my favorite color?

Rick Ankiel hit the DL about a month ago in his first year with his new Missouri-based club. I'm hoping that he manages to get his career back on track soon, because he's fun to watch when healthy.

This 2002 Topps Jim Edmonds card does not have a glossy finish on the front. Is that normal? The back is glossy for some reason.

It's weird to see the Blue Jays with red caps. I know that it's been a secondary color of theirs for awhile, but it just doesn't look right. I'm not wild about their current logo, but I'd at least like to see them stick with it for awhile. Nothing is worse than a team that messes with its logos and unis every other season.

Long, long ago there was another dominant pitcher in the District. His fastball "hissed with danger". Okay, okay, I got that from the back of the card. Good luck trying to fill Walter Johnson's shoes, kid.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked all the cards! I'm not to sure why the back is glossy and the front isnt. Thanks again for the trade!