Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No More Baseball For Almost Five Months

Sure, the World Series is over, but tonight marks the triumphant return of baseball cards to Cards on Cards. Cardinals baseball cards, even! I recently found a small box of assorted Cardinals cards in my mailbox courtesy of BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet. Whew. Just typing out his blog's name makes me think of cinnamon rolls and all-you-can-drink fountain soda.

BA Benny became the third person to randomly send a bunch of random 2010 Upper Deck cards, which is somewhat strange. Of course, I needed most of the Cardinals because I did not buy a single pack of this unlicensed stuff and I usually can find a good home for cards from at least half the teams in the league. Part of me would love it if San Diego (and others) balked at the bump in salary that Ryan Ludwick is about to receive so the Cardinals could reacquire him on the cheap, but I know it won't happen and he deserves to get paid.

Next up are a pair that are expected to duke it out for the closer role when Ryan Franklin retires or steps out of the 9th inning role. Jason Motte figured to be the heir apparent only after Chris Perez was traded to Cleveland.

But Mitchell (don't call him Mitch!) Boggs improved drastically when he was moved to short relief late in 2009 and was very solid this past season.

There were a couple of really nice serial numbered cards in the box. Actually, this one really takes the cake - a very red, low-numbered (at least for me!) Stan the Man card from 2005.

And then there's Scott Rolen dressed in shiny gold. An excellent third baseman. It's too bad about the way that Rolen for Glaus trade ended up, ultimately.

I've still got a box or two to post on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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