Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update Jumbo

Tiny image, big pack. Along with the 5 regular Target packs of Topps Update, I also bought one of the 4.99 retail jumbos. They're a better deal for sheer number of cards, but you end up with a slightly lower ratio of inserts to base cards and there's no retail exclusives. Let's see what happens.

US-239 - Gabe Gross (That's what happens.)
US-293 - Pat Burrell
US-235 - Jose Tabata (One of the many Pirates rookies that year after year ends up having inexplicable success against the Cards.)
US-299 - Xavier Nady

US-169 - Ryan Ludwick (The awesome thing about this card is that I actually remember watching the game the photo is from. I just wish that Ludwick was still a Cardinal or that the Padres made the playoffs.)
US-266 - Billy Wagner
US-17 - Marlon Byrd All-Star
US-218 - Kevin Gregg
US-134 - Rick Ankiel

LL-62 - Walter Johnson / Stephen Strasburg Legendary Lineage (Has anyone done a Strasburg count on this set yet?)
- Kevin Youkilis Topps Attax Code

CMT149 - Darryl Strawberry The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (I thought this series was supposed to feature traded set cards.)
US-68 - John Danks
US-114 - Kenley Jansen (Is that a real guy?)
US-133 - Javier Vazquez
US-119 - Adam LaRoche

US-189 - Derrek Lee (You get used to seeing someone in a certain uniform and then this happens.)
US-19 - Russell Branyan

US-278 - Brad Penny
US-129 - Gregor Blanco
US-288 - Jonny Venters
US-246 - LaTroy Hawkins
US-3 - Sam Demel

US-78 - Jon Link (That's quite a face you have there, Jon.)
US-109 - Luke Hughes (More guys I don't know.)
US-213 - Alex Gonzalez
US-309 - Andruw Jones
VLC-42 - Jackie Robinson Vintage Legends (Kind of disappointing to get the same insert card in the same day, but I bet my girlfriend would like this as the other copy is claimed.)

TMC-28 - Mike Schmidt Million Card Giveaway Code (I'll redeem this shortly. I want to do a post about the cards I have available to trade. I forget when the "vault" will no longer be maintained, but I should probably figure out if I want anything else shipped aside from the autograph I shockingly won early this year.)

TR110 - Shin-Soo Choo Turkey Red (Choooooo!)
US-69 - Lance Cormier
US-275 - Hong-Chih Kuo All-Star (Lots of Dodgers in this pack.)

US-101 - Jake Westbrook (Westy just signed a 2+ year deal to remain with the Cards. This is his first Cardinals card to my knowledge.)
US-173 - Lorenzo Cain
US-139 - Jorge Cantu
US-85 - Starlin Castro


Play at the Plate said...

I have a Jose Tabata story. The Pirates were playing in Arlington during Interleague play and Michael Young hit a ball about two feet foul off the left field wall. Jose threw the ball up to my friend. That's my Jose Tabata story.

By the way, if you have cards in the MCG that you aren't going to claim, consider getting in on this deal I proposed today.

deal said...

Gabe Gross (That's What Happens)

an absolutely brilliant line. Perfectly captures Updates and Highlights every year.

night owl said...

Yes, Kenley Jansen is a real guy!!! Geez!

The last day of the MCG site is March 15, 2011.