Monday, June 27, 2011

Collation Assistance

I'm not quite sure who initiated what, but I got a chance to exchange baseball cards with Hand Collated, which is always a worthy effort. I've been known to do some collation of my own. In fact, the set that really brought me back to the idea of collecting a set or two was probably the 2008 Allen & Ginter set. I love the 2008 Heritage set and its original design and still do, but let's face it: the set is very intimidating. I'm still collecting it for what it's worth, along with many other sets, but I think at this point it's probably best to focus on finishing something... anything... before the next Allen & Ginter set hits the streets in mere weeks.

Oh, hello, it's my old friend Ryan Rowland-Smith.

So here's the story. I'm down to needing just 6 cards (all SPs) from the base 2008 A&G set, 12 cards (not all SPs) from the base 2009 A&G set and 6 cards (only one SP) from the base 2010 A&G set. I would like to finish them all ASAP. If anyone can knock any of those 24 cards off of my want lists, please contact me. If I can get them in my grubby mitts before I have to look at the hoards of 2011 A&G posts, that will be worth a ton to me and I will make sure to figure out a way to reward you several times over for it. Any inserts sent my way will be a welcome bonus, of course, but my goal is to knock out the 1-through-350s first.

We now take you back to your regularly scheduled trade post - already in progress.

Here is personal fantasy hero Gaby Sanchez. After a very strong rookie season, Sanchez is among the NL batting leaders and is on pace to improve upon his HR and RBI totals from last season.

Sure, I collect other things besides Allen & Ginter, which is what got me into this mess in the first place. I've been picking up a pack or two of 2011 Heritage when I can, but like every year before it, it's such an unending mess. A lovable mess, mind you.

I can't believe some people don't like 1985 Fleer. I really can't. This is the ultimate color-coded set for me. I really need to buy a rack pack of this stuff one of these days just for kicks. I found some on eBay recently, but I let them slip through my fingers.


TexasSurveyor said...

I have one available from each of the 3 years you have listed. One is a shortprint. do you have a mailing address?

madding said...

Just send me an email and we'll talk. Let me know what you'd like in return.

TexasSurveyor said...

I'm just another Cubbies fan (very tough this year to admit it), so I do collect Cubs, but also have several other things on my want list just to fill out sets, kind of like you're doing for the A&G. The 3 A&G I have for you are 2008 #315 (Glavine), 2009 #88 (Penny), and 2010 #139 (Cabrera). I'm going through the want list on your blog as well and will have several others to send. For some reason I can't get your "email" link to work, so if you could send me an email at I can respond to that.