Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ten Interesting Cards: 1993-94 Upper Deck Series 1 Basketball Jumbo

In case you haven't heard, in mere minutes the NBA will have officially locked out its players, forcing fans of major American professional sports to watch baseball of all things if they want to get their fix. The NBA was worried I was unaware that there was a lockout going on, because they decided to email me to tell me about it. Can you imagine a bigger turn-off to its fans? Thanks, David Stern. Why don't you go on ahead and move some more teams to Oklahoma while you're at it? Aside from a "special" treat tomorrow, this will be the last NBA-related post I make until the stupid lockout is over. No more basketball cards, no more NBATV, no more Charles Barkley. I guess I can live with that last one. (I will still accept Blazers cards in trades and may or may not spend a few lonely nights weeping quietly on the couch while watching an old VHS tape of Andre Miller's 52 point performance a couple of seasons ago. That won't be discussed here anymore, though.)

I'm here tonight with a jumbo sized box of what still likely qualifies are junk wax era Upper Deck basketball cards. Everything here is up for trade/disposal... even Uncle Cliffy. I still love this card a lot. He looks like some sort of super spider dunking on a tiny hoop because of the odd camera angle. Either that, or the Memorial Coliseum was even smaller than I remember it.

The Blazers are despondent over the news of the lockout... or, more likely, Clyde Drexler's injuries and impending trade.

Out of 440 cards in the box, I received a grand total of 5 Blazers cards, 2 of which were doubles. That's totally unacceptable.

Shawn Kemp was a beast. I wonder how many of his plethora of children remember the Sonics franchise.

Sonics! Hall of Famer Gary Payton, current Blazers head coach Nate McMillan (do coaches get "locked out"?) and Kemp are among the green-clad here.

Each box contains one 3-D Triple Double Hologram card, and mine was Mr. Dikembe Mutombo, whose long career came to an excruciating end as he was carried off the Rose Garden floor during the playoffs a couple of years ago.

The crop of rookies in this box was pretty awful. Calbert Cheaney and his dorky Upper Deck cap represents here. I don't even want to talk about the tie.

These Nuggets unis, home and road, are some of the greatest of all-time. It's too bad that today's Nuggets are so incredibly unlikable.

Each pack contained an All-NBA Team insert, representing each of the 5 players of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Teams. Did anyone remember that Mark Price was once a 1st Teamer? As in... best point guard in the league? Wow.

As mentioned, all of these cards and the other 430 in the box are up for grabs. There was seriously a Michael Jordan card in every pack, and some had two or three.


Anonymous said...

What you could do is reminisce about the arrest records of the "Jail Blazers".

Or, remember when Geoff Petrie scored bucketloads of points a game before he destroyed his knee and left the game at 27, and Larry Steele was a hot shot point guard from a town not far from where I grew up (Bainbridge, IN - as large as it sounds!) that was a lockdown defender and perfect for Dr. Jack's system.

I'm old...

night owl said...

I've been living without the NBA going on 45 years now.