Monday, August 29, 2011

Ten Interesting Cards: 1993 Fleer Ultra Series 2 (Free Group Break)

Okay, sure, the packaging isn't all that attractive. This is Ultra, though. ULTRA. It takes your everyday run of the mill Fleer junk and glossifies it. Full bleed photos. Flaming baseball logos! UV coating! Here's a few cards from the second of the three free boxes.

Trevor Hoffman just doesn't look intimidating, but I guess that is part of his mystique. While I don't expect that he will continue to be the all-time saves leader much longer, he had a pretty amazing run.

Here's Griffey, showing off the (then) new Mariners look.

Dawson's shin guard looks kind of puny in comparison to some of the stuff today's players have.

People love this guy! It's a proven fact.

A couple of Jim Edmonds "true" rookie cards were found in this box. If I hadn't scored a few of these for a nickel a piece awhile back, I may have had alternate plans for this box.

Dennis Eckersley didn't become a household name until the late '80s, so his fairly substantial tenure with the Red Sox was mostly overlooked.

The All-Star inserts look weird. That's all I really know.

Here's Eck in his prime, as the famed A's closer. It's really too bad that most people's lasting image of Eckersley is the famous Kirk Gibson walk-off. He was exceptionally dominant in a way I'd never really seen before or since during his best Oakland years. Of course, if you think about it, he was probably responsible for the term "walk-off". It's not like Gibson was able to hustle around those bases.

This is Barry Larkin making a cement indentation of his own body, apparently.

I have to hand it to Fleer here. This is one of the worst things I've ever seen, although I suppose nothing could be more early '90s than this design. This is a 1:18 pack insert, meaning that I would typically end up with two in a box. Unfortunately, the other All-Rookie Team insert was a damaged version of this same exact card. Nice.

For those pack junkies out there, I have posted a random pack over at APTBNL, which is set to run later this morning.


SpastikMooss said...

For whatever reason, my mind refuses to associate Eck with the Gibson homerun. I can always easily recall that the Dodgers beat the A's and I'll never forget Kirk, but the Eck aspect never sticks in my noggin. It's kind of nice actually, though I don't understand why that is.

Ryan H said...

Agreed, Moos. I always associate that moment with Gibson and not with Eck.

Josh D. said...

That is Barry Larkin standing in front of "Barry Larkin frozen in Carbonite."

Madison Merritt said...

how much are a great condition '93 Fleer Ultra series 1 and 2 are worth? Unopened and still has the price tag one them?