Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trading with Jon from Community Gum

I can always appreciate a trader with a well-organized want list. I completed a trade with Jon from Community Gum, one of the best sports cards blogs in the business, and suggest that you go on over there and check out said want list. I'm quite certain that I will be making a return trip.

For my part, I got a bunch of needs from sets I've been working on. I thought collecting all of the Black retail inserts from 2011 Heritage would be nearly impossible considering how quickly the jumbo packs disappeared from the big box store racks. However, I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that no one likes these cards but me.

I seem to be a huge sucker for anything that is Sportflics-esque these days. Maybe someday when I feel better about the progress I've made on other more serious efforts I'll go back and take a look at collecting actual Sportflics.

This is still my favorite Heritage set and Topps design. When you throw the High Numbers and variations on the pile, it also becomes the daunting. I will be working on this until I reach the grave.

I'm no down to needing just 8 base cards, 8 sketch cards and the Albert Pujols National Pride card to bring my 2009 Allen & Ginter experience to a close. Well, that's not to say it will be a complete close. After all, there are the endless amounts of minis to look forward to.

I usually like posting these sketch cards to make fun of how they look, but I've seen worse than this. I'm not sure I can vouch for the whereabouts of Randy's right arm, however.

It seems like Sheff retired 10 years ago to me for some reason. This 2009 Heritage high numbered short print seems to say otherwise.

As is often the case around here, a good group of Cardinals made their way into the deal. What is this "Big League Challenge" that is being commemorated here? Was someone too cheap to own the rights to the name Home Run Derby? Come on, Donruss, fess up... er... I guess there is no Donruss anymore.

Minis are always appreciated. Cardinals minis, doubly so.

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Colbey said...

Count me in too for the 3D cards. I love 'em! I want to go back and build the 90's Sportflics sets. I'm also working on building the more modern Topps 3D sets from the various lines. I like the Lineage 3D cards...minus the blank backs.