Tuesday, October 4, 2011

30 Teams in 30 Posts: #14

It was a rough night in Cardinals Land, but they wouldn't be the Zombie Cardinals if they didn't occasionally get a few shotgun blasts to the body on their way to eating some brains. To take my mind off of the ugliness, I submit to you the latest installment of the 30 Teams series. In case you've missed out so far, this is just a thinly veiled attempt to get rid of some cards I'm tired of looking at.

I'll just come right out and say it. The Florida Marlins make me sick. Nobody ever goes to their games. Most times, you'll find a better turnout at a rainy beach in January. Despite two World Championships in their relatively short lifespan, they have an extremely fickle fanbase who has seen its share of fire sales. Next season, the Marlins will open up a brand new stadium (against the Cardinals) but it wouldn't be terribly shocking if they have trouble filling seats by Year 2.

It's hard to see that there are major league teams that can't put people in seats when you live in a major market without a baseball team, let's just put it that way. I rooted for these Marlins in both of their title seasons because they were still something new and refreshing. However, if the current situation in MLB comes around to the unpleasant idea of contraction once again, this team would be at the top of my list.

Favorite current Marlins player: Omar Infante. Ah, why not? I haven't forgotten this.

Lease favorite current Marlins player: Scott Cousins. No, this is not for what he did to Buster Posey itself, but for making me have to listen to people preach/whine/be outraged by the result of his collision with Posey and having to hear endless debates about how it stunted the Giants season.

Favorite Marlins player of all-time: Edgar Renteria. I try not to pick players who spent a relatively short time with their respective teams, but it was Renteria's walkoff Game 7 winner that won the title for the Fish in 1997 and I was pretty excited about it. It doesn't hurt that he had a long, successful run with the Cards.

Least favorite Marlins player of all-time: Josh Beckett. I don't know, I just had to pick someone and Beckett was convenient enough.

The Florida Marlins linger at #14 in my reverse-ranking of favorite teams as of the moment I picked them on October 4th, 2010. Yes, that was a full calendar year ago! All of these cards are very much up for trade, so please contact me if you're interested.

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Stanton and Miggy...Would love to trade for them,wicked4life20@hotmail.com... Thanks!