Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oops at the Plate

I try to be a good blogger and post about the packages I receive from others more or less in the order that I receive them. Every once in awhile, something ends up slipping through the cracks, which is the case with what we're looking at tonight. I found a small envelope sitting among my highly disorganized chaos from a frequent flyer, Play at the Plate. Sadly, I got this thing before Christmas and here we are counting down the final minutes of Valentine's Day.

(Side note: Thanks to PatP, I was clued into the fact that the Topps Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Parade is now underway. I picked up a few codes thanks to a group break I bought in to, and if I get anything worth mentioning I'll update this post.)

While the Cards ponder what their rotation might look like with Roy Oswalt in it (and subsequently someone forced out of it), odds are looking longer that Shelby Miller will be in the mix this year. It would be fun to see him pitch for the Cards this year, but let's just hope it doesn't come at the expense of someone's terrible injury.

I believe I've made passing mention of how disappointed I am in these blue parallel cards, but they are still necessary and valid in my collection. Maybe I need to get my priorities in order. There's been a lot of talk this offseason about Yadi's extension prospects, and I do hope that they do the sensible thing and lock him up for years to come.

I have absolutely zero expectations for Berkman this year, beyond the dry witty quotes he gives the overbearing St. Louis media from time to time. Last season was amazing for Berkman. I'll be happy with something approaching decent this time around.

Masterpiece barely begins to describe this.

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  1. I'll never send you another package you ungrateful sono...

    Just kidding! You should see the cracks around here. Stuff's always slipping through them. I knew you'd like that Ozzie. It's a beaut.

    Verification word: flogg as in I had to flogg you.


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