Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super Star Specials Sunday Spectacular

Reader Jim was kind enough to indulge my trade leanings recently by sending over some Cardinals and set needs of the mid-80s Fleer variety. Hopefully Jim is also a patient guy, as I am just now getting around to mailing his package (I think we agreed on this trade a month ago. Oops.)

I'm a huge fan of '80s Fleer cards, and I have to say the Super Star Special cards are a big reason why. This one, featuring three pitchers who threw no-hitters the previous season, is more reminiscent of the current Topps cards that show league leaders.

I prefer this type of Super Star Special card. I imagine most of the photos for these are taken during an All-Star Game, which is why you see cards of star players from opposing teams posed together. Also great? '80s uniforms!

I know I must have owned this card before - probably several times over, actually. I just never liked Ripken. This one goes towards my 1985 Fleer set. I'm still missing a lot of the key rookies, but they seem to be a lot more affordable these days than in the past. I have a feeling getting a good copy of the Clemens card will be a bit annoying, though.

Finally, here's a lone straggler from the 1993 Upper Deck set, which is pretty much done. Incidentally, Wakefield recently announced his retirement and Deadspin had a pretty interesting article on his short run with Pittsburgh recently. I believe I just need one of the weird SP cards to complete what I set out to complete, though I'm still tempted to go after the insert cards at some point even though I've traded a lot of them away in the past.

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  1. i love that tom herr card! iconic.

    and probably that's gary carter behind him. topical!


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