Friday, June 14, 2013

Airbrushed Fridays: 1974 Topps #198

Slow your roll, Topps! Count me among the few that is not disappointed about the news that this year's Allen & Ginter set is going to be delayed until sometime in August. I feel like pretty much everything Topps has done this year has been either rushed or unnecessary, and sometimes even both. I don't mind waiting around until a product I usually enjoy supposedly gets better. Of course, we're probably just being subjected to more waiting while they get that new Dodgers rookie to sign some Band-Aids or something, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Who is this week's victim, and why do we care? Dave Cash was a solid second baseman who racked up 3 straight All-Star appearances to go along with a World Series ring in the '70s. He spent his entire career in the National League, with more than half of it representing a team from the great state of Pennsylvania.

Why is this a thing? Cash was traded straight up for George Brett's older brother Ken in October 1973. After breaking in with the Pirates and picking up his ring, Cash moved on to Philly where he'd pick up all of his individual accolades. Topps honored the occasion with their rendition of the always difficult to fake Phillies cap logo of the '70s and '80s.

Airbrushed Fridays is a weekly feature as the name seems to imply. If you know of a card with an altered photograph that you'd like to see featured, please contact me. You probably won't win anything other than a hyperlink and a combustible head, but you never know!

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